Cold and Carbo

The cold weather is back for a few days and so I’ve made a quick carbo breakfast to counteract the chill.

One big brown egg and two french toast waffles. Keeks A$$. French toast waffles from the frozen breakfast aisle of Walmart are very popular around here. My granny just loves them with a little butter.

Getting granny to eat regularly is my job and these little eggos are my secret weapon.

We are having a fruit smoothie with all kinds of good stuff including a dose of D-ribose. Not the best thing sensually on a very cold morning but essential for health.

I am having a cup of coffee, too. A rare treat these days.

The day started with a 10 mile fake bike ride and then a cup of Morning Thunder tea. It’s my favorite.

I’ll wrap two books I sold on Amazon and take them to the post office and then it’s back to Frida’s clothes and stitching mini dragons. What a great life.

It’s been a good  year  so far and it’s only getting better.

Frank and I have seen more film this Academy Awards season than ever before. We’ve been enjoying Prime 11 Cinema in Anderson.

We saw A Serious Man via Netflix and it was really interesting. Bravo Michael Stuhlbarg. I marveled, I laughed, I wanted to slap somebody. Coen Bros out do themselves.

The big show is March 7. I love watching the Academy Awards. I do have one regret a head of time. Adam Shankman and Bill Mechanic, the producers of this year’s show, revealed on Fresh Air last week that they had originally wanted Sasha Baron Cohen to host. That their idea was rejected by the powers that be is our great loss.


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