Frida Kahlo Art Doll

She’s done. My Frida Kahlo doll is complete. I’ve have been working on her slowly. Thinking about every detail.

I pretty happy with her.

All the dolls are simple, moon-faced things by design. I don’t want to try to make them just like real people.

Photography lessons are in my future.

The new light I bought is blowing out the color here.

Here is where I started.This is how all the dolls begin. The round face is embroidered and starts to take on personality.

I am feeling like I could make many Frida dolls. She is such a rich subject and satisfies my affection for the Americas whose culture I absorbed as a girl in Santa Ana — the Californios, the Mexicanos — all that rich culture fed me.

I want to make a Frida with a green shawl and a pet monkey.

I could also make her pet dog. I could be stitching this woman for days and days.

2 Responses to “Frida Kahlo Art Doll”

  1. I love her, she is so delightful. I want to buy her.

  2. She’ll be up at Etsy soon. I’ll Show the listing on Facebook and mention it here on the blog.
    Over time, In addition to a series of Fridas, necessary to capture all her glory, I am going to do a series of women artists. Georgia O’keeffe, Yayoi Kusama, just a quick check of women in Art reveals a wealth of wonderful artists who would look great as small dolls. I want to make something tangible, something to hold and be reminded of the many women that worked as artists. We rarely hear of most of them.

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