Prime 11 Comes Through

I am so very, very stoked! Prime 11 has come through again this year to allow me to see the film I have most been looking forward to this Academy Award season — A Single Man.

I delighted in the Fresh Air interviews with first, director, Tom Ford and then lead actor, Colin Firth. Both so bright and such creative people.

We had the added pleasure of watching the lovely Julianne Moore work with Firth.

I will go into this film knowing the aesthetic considerations are handled by an artist, that the acting was done intelligently and that it deals with subject matter that is very meaningful to me. What more could I ask?

The film will be shown only this week, through Thursday, so get down to Anderson and catch it.

We have a week, too, until the big event.  Reading about films and viewing them in the weeks leading up to the Academy Awards is the equivalent of  high, holy days for me.

No offense to anyone’s religious sensibilities.

I really love movies.

Just as dreaming is a strange and wonderful alternate reality for me, film comes as close as we will get to that experience while conscious, and not in a chemically altered state.

Of the many films I’ve seen this season, my favorites, so far, are Jane Campion’s Bright Star, a sloow, beautiful poetic film sadly overlooked for all big awards, Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker,  Pete Docter and Bob Peterson’s Up, John Lee Hancock’s heart wrenching,The Blind Side and the Coen Bros’ A Serious Man.

I loved James Cameron’s Avatar for the the visuals, for the nod to pagan spirituality and detested all the war gore.

I expect to love Ford’s A Single Man. I’ll let you know.


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