The Sweetest Ramone

I have finally finished my Joey doll. The first Soft Boy. Thanks, Robyn Hitchcock and dear Moises.

I will have a hard time parting with him. He is so sweet and cute and cuddly and he has great hair.

I left off Joey’s glasses because  after his trip to heaven he’s all brand new and can see just fine. I want to have each of my rag dolls coming from a fresh innocent place no matter what their stylee thing  may be  saying.

I have him done up in casual soft clothes, a stretchy striped T-shirt made from oft washed cotton jersey and some stretchy black jeans.

Joey has beautiful pale pink lips, embroidered with love.

He’s taller than most of the other dolls. It’s kind of hard to tell in the photos.

He has a little belly. I love him. He’s special.

2 Responses to “The Sweetest Ramone”

  1. He is so cute! My hubby is a big Ramones fan, I think Dee Dee was the cutest though! Nice work and a nice blog!
    Lynda from echostains and also ‘bookstains’

  2. Thanks, Lynda!
    Your blog is very enchanting. I’ll be reading there from now on. Bog People! Artists! Museums! Great window on another world.

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