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Tom Ford Dreams

Posted in Art, dreams, film with tags , on March 1, 2010 by darcyarts

Loved A Single Man. Tom Ford’s film made me feel like I had eaten an exotic psychedelic mushroom. Wonderful, beautifully bittersweet.

I left the theater feeling deeply moved and psychically altered. Tom Ford gave me a truly cinematic experience.

Colin Firth was dreamy.

The best films, are like dreaming while awake. So many films today are not operating on full cinematic cylinders. The are distorting or ignoring rich cinematic elements. I think would-be filmmakers should give themselves a more inclusive education.

They should understand the part sensuality plays. They should strive to trigger the sense memory in evocative ways. Too many films rely on shock and are overblown. So many lack subtlety and end up noisy messes.

Tom Ford created a beautiful, sensual, magnificently human film that makes you feel something, deeply,  tastefully, without too many words, without obvious, overworked cues that so many filmmakers dump into their films like a rain of sledge hammers.

A Single Man is rich,  subtle, funny and filmically stylish. It has a particular, very interesting sense of itself.

Tom Ford, please make more films.