Keith Richards Portrait Doll

He’s the man who made the mold into which hordes of young rockers have poured themselves.

For decades young men have come along to take up the flag the human riff created.

He’s passionate, deeply loyal and proud to be what he is.

If you were to start now and take a long stroll through the Rolling Stones catalogue, stopping to really listen to Beggars Banquet, Let it Bleed, Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main Street, you would be blown away by the power of Keith Richards.

Most people assume, because he’s an in-your-face front man, that Mick Jagger wrote those great songs. Not so. Almost all the best, beautiful, deep material comes from Keith’s heart and soul. Whether songs filled with romantic longing, hard core rocking force or something in between, it’s Keith.

The second Soft Boy, Keith, moves me every time I hear You Got the Silver or Wild Horses, or Happy, I am filled with powerful emotion.

And so what better inspiration for the second Soft Boy.

It was super fun doing the hair. I embroidered kohl around his brown eyes.

I wanted to make his lips full. I found a tiny pair of  tiny handcuffs with which to recreate Keith’s hand cuff bracelet.

The shop clerk over at the Beadman on Park Marina Drive was kind enough to sell the last pair like these little charms.

These cuffs can be lined up opposite one another so that I can hook jump rings and chain to them to fit around the doll wrist.

They had them in gold tone but I needed silver. On all their other silvertone models the cuffs were soldered in place. I needed these badly. Where else would I get tiny hand cuffs in Redding?

Fantabulous great picture and Keith quotes over  at Blue_Lena.

“You’ve got the sun, you’ve got the moon and you’ve got the Rolling Stones.”

Amen, my man.

I’ll get to Robyn Hitchcock, soon. Just need to find the right white-silver soft yarn for his great head of hair.

Dig the eye of Keith Richards  Soft Boy!

Keith really does have full lips. Check him out, yo.

One of these days I will do a Keith in his elderhood. That’s where we are at. Go here to buy this Keith.

This one is for the amazing Jordan but I will recreate, as close as possible this Keith edition.


7 Responses to “Keith Richards Portrait Doll”

  1. Love it Darcy! and LOVE the Stones! Always favoured them over the Beatles (I am a traitor to my birthplace…lol). You’re right, Richards plays a pivotal role in the Stones and their song writing: is always in the background – bout time someone celebrated him. Good for you!
    I hope you are going to do Iggy Pop! We are going to see him in May in London and we cannot WAIT! SO excited!!!!

  2. Iggy has got to be one of my all time favorites. I love Taurus people! He delivers, his music rocks and he has given me laughs and pleasure all these years. Have fun!! ♥

  3. He is a ‘Ledge’! A doll of him would be instantly recogisable – but please be careful of the see through trousers lol! Hey only just thought Darcy….hope he’s a little too old for that sort of thing when we go to see him!! The shock would be too much for me lol!

  4. […] Keith Richards Rag Doll « Darcy Arts Weblog […]

  5. Echo, Maybe an Iggy doll just for me done up in the transparent trousers. Iggy has quite a shocker and I could create an anatomically . . . naw.
    I can’t wait to hear about Iggy’s current stage show.
    I saw him in LA in the 80’s. He was in a snarly mood and the show was very short.
    I caught him singing with the surviving Doors at the Whiskey A GoGo way back in the early 70s.
    What a guy.

  6. Aw I am so jealous of you Darcy! He is doing the ‘Raw Power album’ all the way through with James Williamson on guitar, support comes from ’70s New York Band ‘Suicide’ – so excited! But fancy seeing him with the Doors! wow!
    Hey I bet those Iggy dolls would really take off you know Darcy!!!
    Alice Cooper would be another good one to do or Angus Young out of AC/DC – all have a certain ‘look’

  7. “Any time I want I got a right to sing.”
    That will be mind boggling. Enjoy that show!
    Iggy, Alice and Angus. Love it.

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