Clothes for Keith

The Keith doll now has an outfit.

I labored over a ruffled  silk shirt Friday and Saturday only to abandon it as a bad investment of time. Nothing makes me feel all thumbs like trying to do fine detail sewing by hand. I do enjoy it but my hands felt like those of a clumsy giant.

I decided to let the Keith doll be bare chested with an Indian scarf, hip belts and a long jacket open in front.

The small silver chain on the purple or mulberry belt has tiny stars.

I have yet to make Keith’s handcuff bracelet. Once I get the bracelet done I will have to roll the jacket sleeves up a bit.

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Redding. Appropriate for the observance of my high, holy day.

The Academy Awards are only hours away.

I sympathize with all who may be deprived of this indulgent celebration by the evil corporate f%$#s at Disney and Cablevision. Revolt subscribers. HDTV and internets provide a way out.

Reading through Salon this morning I visited past reviews of movie critic, Stephanie Zacharek. I just want to say that she took the lazy way out while reviewing A Single Man. Designer this, tasteful that. What I perceived as a beautiful sensual, emotionally rich film she saw as a cold dish served up by a perfectionist clothing designer.

People, get over your designer hang ups. Tom Ford is an artist. Judge him appropriately according to the type of work he is doing. Take the Project Runway blinders off of your face and be with the film as if you knew nothing about Tom Ford. Be open and fair.

That is my beef for the day.


2 Responses to “Clothes for Keith”

  1. I like him Darcy! i’m sure he had a kind of pirate look going on at one time, seem to remember a big earring – though I may be getting this image mixed up with someone else (Not Adam Ant I may add)

  2. I’ve got a tiny sharp tooth I bought to affix to his head to represent that earring.
    I’ll have to wire wrap it first. Make the cuffs bracelet and wire wrap the tooth, sew on the head and he’s done.

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