Barbra There for Historical Moment

This whole cinematic, pre-Oscar film viewing year had been great. I got to see more movies than ever before thanks to Anderson Prime 11 and the swiftness with which movies are moving to DVD.

There were great performances to experience. Monique kicked ass. Meryl was wildly amazing and amusing in both her films. Everything about Bright Star was sublime.Colin Firth was perfect in Tom Ford’s debut, A Single Man. Jeremy Renner delivered.

There were amazing things to see. A Serious Man was darkly, ridiculously but hilariously pessimistic even if you didn’t get to breath or laugh until it was over. Those Coen Bros are deeply disturbed geniuses.

Avatar was eye popping, though for a film that thinks it is about peace and respect for nature, this one was WAY TOO VIOLENT and WAR MONGERING!

District Nine was so ugly I couldn’t take more than 20 minutes of it. Yeah, I admit it. I go to the movies for visual pleasure. I can take and, really, I love sad movies just don’t serve me extended disgusting. Even if you have a good point. Like endless war scenes, in a fantasy setting or not, I can’t take it. So that means Peter Jackson is down in my book as one of my least fave directors. I hated the endless fricking war scenes in all the Lord of the Rings, hated Golem. I know I am supposed to find them repulsive but I just can’t tolerate that much sludge.

But, let me veer back toward my original destination. The possibility that a woman would take home the Best Directing Oscar was enough to bring the fabulous Barbra Streisand to the show. There was the icing on my Academy Awards cake. And then Kathyrn Bigelow made history with Barbra doing the honors. So very cool.


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