I started this morning early as usual. As I rode the exercycle I could see the beautiful hand dyed cotton yarn recently purchased from etsian colesier.

It is a wonderful color or colors, really. It will be the hair for the custom doll I am working on right now.

Thoughts of a combination of colors that have some meaning to me spun out of this colored cotton.

I have for decades now had extremely vague memories of a palate of black, turquoise, pink and yellowish green. I see the colors in a longish patch. It seems to be related to a specific memory that will not reveal itself. I just see a patchwork of these colors. There is a feeling, a good feeling connected to the colors. It’s something beautiful.

Maybe I was in a home with lovely tropical themed barkcloth drapes. The style they had in the 50s.

Here are a pile of barkcloth samples from the blog design musing.

Maybe all these years I’ve been visited by the memory of drapes. See the material with the black background?

I can’t imagine that anything so stylish would be found in my grandparents’ home or my great grandmother’s. They were more low key style wise but maybe.

The memory may just pop back fully into my head someday. That would be interesting.


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  1. thanks for the mention! much appreciated, sue

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