Pale Rainbow

Returning a Redbox freebie DVD at the Raley’s near my home I was treated to the sight of a magnificent double rainbow.

I did not have my camera, boo. When we got home I jammed inside the house to get it. The rainbow was visible in the center of a stand of trees at the end of our street.

It had faded a lot by the time I got back.

If you click this pic you can almost make it out. Right in the center above the tree line on the other side of the river.

I’m always telling myself to keep the camera on me. When will I listen? Really though, the experience was all it could be in the moment.The rainbow was big and bold and bright.

Somethings are ephemeral. That’s part of their magic.

Bought Yeats’ Celtic Twilight:Faerie and Folklore. It should be very interesting.


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