Keith Richards Gets His Head Together

My second Soft Boy is looking friggin great.

I’ve managed to get Keith Richards’ head together this weekend, or rather I’ve united his head and body, at last.

I gave him a tiny sharkish tooth earring and embroidered the kohl around his eyes. I gave him a pair of deep dark chocolate colored vintage buttons for eyes.

He’s got a Hindi block printed scarf scrap, a long black coat work open over a bare chest and a great hip belt combo of lavender leather with a dangling silver star chain.

I found the only pair of handcuff charms at the Beadman, begged for them actually and was granted my wish. They are so patient with me there. They were perfect for Keith’s cuff bracelet.

His hair is in the 70’s Keith gypsy cut. That was so fun sewing on the pieces of black fleece and then cutting them into just the right pieces.

This is an upshot pose of my Keith doll. Baadass hot bitch, eh?

I gave him little embroidered cheek hollows.

He’s pretty sexy for a cloth doll. I’d go out with him if I was a cloth doll.

Hey wait. I am!

Everyone tells me my first doll was a work of autobiography  and isn’t it a good thing.

See my beloved Keith Richards doll up  at DarcyArts.Etsy

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2 Responses to “Keith Richards Gets His Head Together”

  1. Great work Darcy! Love the attention to detail – the little shark tooth earring and the belt are amazing! Hows about the New York Dolls – they all had a great individual look. Think of the fun you could have with Johnny thunders hair!

  2. Indeed! I love David Johansen’s IggyJagger appearance and have a soft spot for Arthur “Killer” Kane. The dolls managed to utilize their make-do with-what’s-at hand skills to their advantage.
    Man, I’ve got to get busy.

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