Moon in Pisces

The Moon in Pisces can have two effects on my changeable consciousness.

I can fall easily into an artistic project and flow with it, dream up solutions I may not have under some other moon energy or I just want to sleep.

Sleep is good because I love to dream and feel there is always some interesting work being done through the dream process.

This morning I was torn. The sleepy pull was nipping at me. Despite my carefully planned remedies to escape the lag of the annual spring slide into Daylight Saving Time.  I wanted to remain sleeping at 6:30 this morning even though I’ve been getting up at 5:30 a.m. for weeks.

I got back into bed after driving Frank to school, picked up Breaking Open the Head and set about finishing the last few chapters. There were a couple of very interesting things having to do with Pinchbeck’s trip to India, Rudolph Steiner and the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas that got me jotting notes in my journal. There were correspondences to dreams I had sometime near the turn of the century.

Before I knew it I was up with the book and my journal to note my dream of having a deep crush on the red-headed, hat-wearing counselor from Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab. But not before I had made myself a cocktail of coffee and mate latte. I rarely drink coffee but I decided to mix the two and see how I felt. It’s too soon to tell.

It’s okay that I did not try to follow Morphoeus into some secret place. The landlady’s gardener is here wielding his noisily buzzing weed wacker.

Ah, but there does exist salve for some of the rough spots.

I bought Burt’s Bee Cream as an alternative after finding that my very favorite tiny jars of the perfect skin softening cream have been discontinued at Orchard Nutrition.

If I would have know I would have bought all the remaining jars. Dish washing and needlework are rough on the hands. I always manage to stab myself with the sharp end of the needle once or twice while operating in a tight spot on some project.

If I have rough, raggedy skin on my thumb and forefinger they catch the tread and pull it in a disagreeable way resulting in a messy stitch. Can’t have that.

Today, I will be gently and painstakingly sewing the Caribbean blue yarn onto the head of the doll I am working on. It will be a gift for a two year old so I must fasten everything down very securely. I love making dolls.


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