Wild Bees of Truth

The sun will shine today and bring warmth after lots of cool rainy days.

Inside our home it’s almost always sunny. We make the best of what we have, Frank and I.

We, united now for seven years, after a hiatus of 23 years, will make it official next month. I can’t really bring myself to speak of it in traditional terms but let’s say we are going to jump the broom. A new moon in Aries will usher in our new era together. We are such great partners.

Saw a bit of Oprah yesterday and really enjoyed the beautiful decor at Ellen and Portia’s wedding. What lovely flowers — a range of soft pink.

Maybe I’ll begin to think of symbolic elements I want to include in our joining.

I suffer a bit from PTMD –post traumatic marriage disorder. It is difficult to think of what we are about to do as in the same realm as the negative other.

People tie themselves to one another for such strange reasons, sometimes just for the party, for the dress, to answer the voices in their head about what they should do if they want to conform to society’s expectations.

We are going to do our fastening very privately. It’s between us, very sacred and not for show.

We will let the *wild bees of truth make honey in our hearts.


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