Cherry Bomb

What better way to start my post-henna pack, hair dryer bake, exercycle  day than filling my brain with thoughts of the 70s girl group the Runaways. Does that sentence get a “?” ?

Salon has a good review of Floria Sigismondi’s  film The Runaways. Not that I always agree with Stephanie Zacharek. She’s the writer who gave A Single Man a sot of slammy review, or rather gave Tom Ford’s film shit because she couldn’t let go of the fact that he has had a career as a clothing designer. She was not alone in that shortcoming. Must to the brilliant Mr. Ford’s annoyance, marrying the fashion career with Ford’s first cinematic effort was the bad journalism lead move.

Anyway, hot ballsy chicks, rock n roll and the desperate connivings of a true Hollywood street punk, Kim Fowley, is my cup of tea and Zacharek writes a good review.

This picture is from Filmofilia which also has  reviews.

Can’t wait till it arrives at Prime 11.


6 Responses to “Cherry Bomb”

  1. Ch ch ch ch ch chc chc ch cherry bomb! Great stuff! I saw Jayne County (once Wayne ) perform this in 1996 in Manchester – fab! She’s singing it on a show here – a bit wooden without the backdrop of the band, sorry its the only link I could get

  2. Sorry Darcy, thought that just the link would come on – not the video! perhps you know how to alter? sorry

  3. OOH I’ll leave it. Love Jayne County.

  4. Lol! I enjoyed that Darcy! The girl dancing besides the jukebox – hilarious! What a fine song that is and STILL is. Limited edition anthology out now

  5. I’m saving that link. I was imagining listening to the girls while getting through my weeks long pillow-making commission. Inspiration!

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