Ridiculously Early

Farmer’s hours have been working out well for me. I usually have two or three hours of quite work-think time in the morning before the world is ready to rock my soul.

Unfortunately, I am ready to flop by 5 or 6 p.m. Just a little relaxation with a book or Rachel Maddow. Before you know it I’m fading out and the bed is so comfortable and my eyelids are getting heavy.

AMC’s brilliant Breaking Bad has started it’s third season and I was well hooked by the middle of the first.

I have absolutely got to stay up later even if that means sleeping in and losing my alone-exercise time.

Photo from IGN TV. Read their Breaking Bad story here

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are amazing. I must see where they go from here. I guess the plot, already so very hard core, is to go towards more violence. The writers have managed to keep it human and entrancing so far. Let’s hope they don’t get lazy.

I was so foggy and on the verge of falling asleep last night for the first show of the season that I didn’t get the most out of it.

I want to be awake and ready for the second episode next week. I’ll get on the bike when I get back from taking Frank to school from now on. Or something like that.

Breaking Bad is mad brilliance and they’ve got me right where they want me.


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