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RAD Pony Head

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Finished the first segment of my pillow project and am taking a break this weekend though I may not remember how to be still.

Two really fun custom projects in a row kept the show on the road.

These big fat pillows are about 22 inches tall, 16 inches wide and  five inches thick. They are super cuddly and a joy to stitch together.

While working on the finishing stitches I can rest my arms on their oh-so-soft surface. Dreamy.

The patterns were made by taking a fairly small regular font printed on a piece of paper, capturing each letter as  a digital image and them blowing it up as much as possible. More paper was taped onto the 13 x 17 base letter to get the exact shapes I wanted.

These were for designer Chele McKee who does beautiful work.

She wanted a funky, chunky childlike look for displays of kid”s clothes. Funky and childlike is my thing.

Like all plush creations these pillows are so comforting to hold. They are soft, soft, soft.

There is something inviting about the heft of these, too.

We now have custom letter pillows over at DarcyArts!

These very fat letters make great pillows for lazing on the bed, the couch or your favorite chaise lounge.

Oh how I covet a chaise lounge.

My current dream is to happen onto a nice comfortable lounge in one of Redding’s nice thrift stores.

I think it’s time to paste up cut out pictures to  make the magic happen. Come to me, Chaise.

In the past, my imagination craved a deep purple curve couch. I haven’t run into it yet.

I have had the urge to make my own couches. Just cobble them together out of crude elements and nice soft coverings. I know it’s not that simple but why shouldn’t it be. Everything is made from simple shapes, connecting them in a functional way.

I still have so many things to discover. It’s all problem solving. There are two ridiculously large bean bag chairs that my son, Brain left here. Someday I will figure out how to turn them into more user-friendly, less space consuming seating. Maybe I could turn them into funny bear skin rug mats. Sort of big chunky flat lounge throws. Hmm. I feel impelled to use that bean bag stuffing material.

I was going to take the stuffing out of  this mishap “7” but just holding it changed my mind. It’s such a comfortable pillow and could used beneath a tired neck.

It looked kind of like a pony head. I added eyes and a mane and viola!

I will make these for the DarcyArts.Etsy shop, too

A few tweaks will refine these ponies. Maybe a bridle, a slightly more rounded and shorter jaw. They will make cuddly huggable pillow friends.

I’ll do them in brown, reddish, black  and tan. We all need to hug something or somebody.