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Closer to Home

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Automobiles can require a great deal of maintenance as they age. The GrandAm, a faithful servant, had made quite a few trips to the repair shop over the last few years.

This is actually my son’s car but he graciously allows me to use it. He is going to law school and has access to other vehicles and little time for cruising.

I’ve hippied up the vehicle, tried to balance the racy look, though I can think of the blue flames as a Tibetan motif. I may try a sticker cut out of a thangka image. That would be rad.

I made a garland of rosebuds and hung them with Frank’s blue glass drop (glass art class) from the rearview mirror.

I slathered some amber oil onto the dired buds. Much better than one of those scent trees from the parts store.

I am hoping that this will be the last expensive trip to the car doctor for a decent period of time.

The coffers are bleeding, baby.

I walked home from the Athens repair shop with my new camera in hand. So many nice things to see.

It was a lovely day in my neighborhood.

Cool with sunshine.

Outside the Coffee Creek cafe on Athens north of Locust.

White roses there, too.

I’m reading the booklet on the Canon A520 and I’m learning a few things.

These pix were taken with the camera on the auto setting.

This is the new light at Cypress and Athens. I like all the exposed wiring against the blue sky.

A beautiful rusty ring with gray gravel and tufts of weed green on the same corner.

On Parkview along the river near the old freebridge.

These old oaks are amazing, tall graceful, so beautiful. I’m glad they won’t be disturbed.

Before Frank and I reunited I used to dream of living in this little stone house with him.

In my dream we were back in the time when fewer people inhabited the neighborhood and we lived simply here. The roof was intact and sunlight came in the windows from four directions.

There were fresh flowers, spring grass, berries, freshly caught fish for dinner. We shared peaceful afternoons in my mind nestled in this little stone cottage.

I wonder how many others have had these romantic fantasies about this old dwelling? How many hobos loved the little shelter it provided them?

These days if you were allowed near it you could rest with the stars in full view.

A beautiful tree with pink blossoms in the yard of my favorite house on Freebridge.

The residents have such wonderful things here. A lovely entryway and a deer in their yard, a beautiful vine over an arch that burst out in yellow flowers.

They also have a VW.

 I’ve decided they must be very cool and artistic people.

The Camera Gods

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What is wrong with this picture?

Okay, the light was a little low and I’d turned off the flash so it’s not too clear but I mean something else.

Here let me help. Look at the close up of the price sticker.

This Canon Powershot A 520 was priced at $2 at one of may favorite thrift stores.

I saw the box just as I was getting ready to leave. I saw the price, looked inside. Everything was there but the memory card.

There was a little note in with all the operating instruction and software guides. It was a Christmas present  for someone’s grandma. May be she died or maybe she didn’t have the patience or wherewithall to learn how to use this wonderful gift but it’s in fine shape and works like a charm.

The pictures are crisp and the color is good.

I took this picture of the car dealership while stopped at the light.

In another stop light photo the car  with the peace sign was pulling away. The action is perfectly frozen.

I had been coveting my daughter’s Canon the last time she was down for that great capture. Now the Camera Gods have seen fit to put this one in my path for an unbelievable price. How cool is that?

Chocolate Bar Donut Pillow

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Donut pillow number two is up at ye olde DarcyArts etsy shop!

I love, love making the donuts. This one is really cuddly and soft and it looks like something good to bite but don’t.

Rest your head instead.

I am working to find the exact right color combination for the maple bar. I think I’ll use the caramenl fleece. It’s really a little dark but it’s the best choice.

I am super bummed that I cannot find more of this color anywhere.

It was among a beautiful range of colors that came into the local JoAnn store last summer. Among them there was a wonderful rich tomato red with just a touch of yellow in that red, a lovely plum, a rich olive green and the elusive caramel color. It probably has a different descriptive color name that I need to know to find it. It may be a dark camel but with more yellow.

The search continues.

This pillow is 20 x 12 x 5 inches. I would call that a medium size for my pastry pillows. I want to make a larger one but I’ve cut the only caramel into smaller squares. What was I thinking?

Yesterday was all about cutting words for my current custom project.

Today I must start chain stitching them together. They will look swell, though I must say they are out of my favorite color range, lacking that wonderful yellow element.

It’s not about me, I know.

The flat word pillows will look great in the setting for which they are being created. More about that later.

Worth It!

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Readers know I’ve been in the habit of keeping farmer’s hours. I’m up at 5 a.m., sometime earlier but I’ve been trying to stay up a little later as we head toward Sunday nights.

It’s all for the love of Breaking Bad. I have to stay awake until 10 p.m. and be somewhat coherent to really enjoy the show.

This season seems just as intriguing as the last. I am invested in the characters and the writers are so very good at building believable, engaging tense drama.

Hey, LA Ink producers, stop trying to create drama the cheap way. Nobody respects you and your fucking with peoples heads in the most irritating way.

I rarely have any idea how the Breaking Bad writers will work their characters out of their jambs. It seems the stakes are always growing and everything is on the table. It’s spell binding.

Working Sunday w Donuts

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 This picture is of the two men who brought Voodoo Donuts into the world – Kenneth Pogson and Tres Shannon.

I have donuts on the brain today. Maple Bars to be exact.

This is a Voodoo Doughnut bacon maple bar.

As I’ve said, I’m itching to make a plush version.

I bought a maple bar yesterday so that I could photograph it and thereby more easily contemplate it’s glory.

I swore  I wouldn’t eat it.

I didn’t take the photographs until a day after I bought it and the icing has cracked or separated a bit in places.

Still I’ll gloss over that in my mind as I try to translate this vision into 3D.

Today I will start phase two of my multi-part  custom order and I will do a little work on my donut creation.

Donut two, the maple bar, without the bacon today, will be a thrill.

Donut one was a success.

An Aussie woman bought it despite really expensive shipping.

I will make another of these round donuts, too, just as soon as i have time.

Way back in my mind and lower on the list of things to get to, after more dolls, bottle dolls, robots and donuts I am thinking about corrugated cardboard as an art material.

It looks really cool when you pull away the top layer. I accidentally discovered the look of it when I placed a piece under a big office chair in the kitchen to keep the wheels from scratching the old linoleum. I can see the possibilities.

Down the Rabbit Hole

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Well, my love of creating dolls has led me on a wild ride somehow. I have fallen down the rabbit hole but into something much sweeter than Alice ever did.

In my search for contemporary doll makers, an exploration both inspiring and intimidating, I have found a wealth of things that are really just too much and in the very best way.

If Spring and Christmas and the joy of a child were combined  into a rich soup and then you ladled in a little amplifing potion you would get up close to how great these places are.

I started by checking out the blog of doll maker Gail Lackey. She makes enchanting things.  Her blog list is a real treasure chest.

Do you love beautiful fabrics, antique cottons and lace, funky, southern neo hippie splendor? GO see Magnolia Pearl. Warning. The site is heavy with image and video so it takes a while to load. It sure is worth it. Amazing.

In the last few days, I also discovered the maker of  exquisite cloth dolls, Shelley Thornton. Go and look.

All this beautiful work is a shock to the system and I see how far there is to go to really hone an aesthetic of my own. I’ll never be the stitch perfect worksman (never say never).  I’ll have to make up for that by imbuing my work with a quirky heart.

Frank and I saw The Runaways last night at Prime 11 in Anderson. I really loved most of it. It dragged a little at the end but then so does life when your band is dissolving before you eyes.

Loved Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett!!!!!!!! She was amazing and made me feel Joan and her serious commitment to the tough frickin life of a rock and roller.

Gloria Sgismondi did a great job directing. I loved the period blood beginning! I loved the practice trailer. I loved the height of the surreal live performace, kick ass  we’re-really-a-band scene.

Michael Shannon was very good as Kim Fowley but Kim is an enigma and the depth of his madman-eats-the-world angst is one of those ephemeral things that can’t be reproduced in all it’s true glory. I love Fowley for his will to live and prosper in a world he knows has little regard for pure bullshit-free, straightforward, mad-thief genius.

Go and watch The Mayor of  the Sunset Strip. See what I mean.

See the woodcarving work of Cherie Curry here.

Nature is Busy

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Much goes on in the garden that the naked eye can miss (click pic for closer view).

Tiny bugs blend perfectly with the plant on which they feast. Aphids are the same color green as these tall stalks of parsley. Can you see them?

The Ladybug can.

The familiar red bug is in the garden cleaning up. Isn’t nature great?

Earth Day ♥ I Will Recycle

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These items represent a much larger collection of containers that I intend to use again.

I could have dumped them in the outgoing recycle bin but I have plans for these things. The idea of Bottle Dolls has been working my last creative nerve for a good year now.

I will slather them with papier mache, gesso, paint, tissue paper, mod podge and they will be transformed.

Doll making has given me a focus that seems to be magically bring together all elements of my oft careening imagination.

You remember Marla. She’s the German Expressionist tranny head-form in the pink wig.

She was my first experiment with papier mache. I liked working with it. It was a bit sloppy and required a more intense (or maybe just different) physicality than other things I do for dolls and plush creatures. It was a slower process than my Aries immediate-results loving nature could embrace but I could get used to it. Maybe I could love it. It feels as close to sculpture as I’m going to get in this lifetime.

A blog post from September 2008 has pix I sketched of creature people I wanted to make. They will be models for the bottle dolls. This one looks a little like Anna Gunn, the brilliant actress who plays Skylar White on Breaking Bad.

She is among a few horned nymph creatures I was dreaming up back then. These babies are going to lend themselves to fantasy trimmings more than the kind of Americana funky cloth dolls I’m doing now.

The May Day Sylph may be the link to that line.

4 20 Donut Day Drool

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Last season’s green onions are doing their thing. The blossoms are a lovely shade of pale purple. It looks particularly fetching beside the pale orange petals of the flower-shaped whirlygig.

This photograph is from our last sunny day. Rain has fallen in goodly fashion this week. The plants are loving it. My catnip crops are thriving, too.

It’s good to grow my own so I can offer kitty lovers cat toys stuffed with fresh organic catnip.

Today I will remember the warm as I wrap a big custom pillow order and, in addition, send off my first first donut!!!!!!

I am utterly stoked. I love making these pillows. I swear, I will not eat donuts but I will create big soft plush versions for the delight of the people!

My first is going to Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. Australians have been avid buyers of my big red catnip Squid.

Thanks for digging squiddies and donuts down under!

This morning I selected my Voodoo Donuts T-shirt for the day’s attire and then found that Big Donut sale at Etsy. Cosmic? You be the judge.

As I drove back from dropping Frank at the college I daydreamed about making my first bacon maple bar pillow and sending it to Voodoo with one of my business cards. Maybe I will.

Ginsberg Gnome

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Ah, sun! I sing of you. With the light comes motivation and with fresh commitment come ideas.

Today I imagined a new series of gnome dolls.

What’s new about gnomes, you ask.

I hear you but imagine Beat Gnomes.

I’m going to create literary gnomes. Gnomes have been on my list and this morning I envisioned Allen Ginsberg as a gnome.

I think it’s a good thing that Ginsberg be made in the form of a gnome. I will give him love beads and a white flowing long shirt.

“Put on my shirt and took it off in the sun walking the path to lunch.”

Ginsberg from 136 syllables at Rocky Mountain Dharma Center.

A long, thin William Burroughs gnome seems a good companion. He, too, will have a white shirt but in contrast to Allen’s East Indian shirt Burrough’s will be more business-like. I might use a little plastic gun I have to make a necklace for Burroughs because he was such a freak about those things.

Walt Whitman would also make a good gnome and I would make him britches.

Whitman: “A PROMISE to California,
Also to the great Pastoral Plains, and for Oregon:
Sojourning east a while longer, soon I travel toward you, to remain,
to teach robust American love;
For I know very well that I and robust love belong among you, inland,
and along the Western Sea;
For These States tend inland, and toward the Western Sea–and I will
also. ”

A new skectch for a new day. Tomorrow.