Homer Drool

I had a great idea for big funny plush pillows the other night.

I made a sketch of a donut with pink icing and sprinkles. Here is the flat non stuffed, non sewn beginning of a 24″ donut pillow.

I had the perfect beads to use as sprinkles, too.

Delicious. It will look great when it is blown up to its full 3-D state.

I want to use something soft for pillows that will be used as pillows. This first one will be a design element, a 3-D sculpture.

It’s been a really good week for lovely stuff.

When ever the Discovery Shop has the Humane Society Adoption Day they pull out all their cute animal knick knacks.

I picked up this vintage giraffe. There are actually a pair of them. They are beautiful. More about them later.

I really imagined a whole set of sweets today while I worked on the prototype with the pink icing.

Maple bars, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate donuts with pink icing. I was grooving.

The size of them makes them funny things to have in a room. They will be a bitch shipping-cost wise if I sell them but I’ll deal.

The post office and UPS have punitive charges for packages that are large but light. I feel it is unfair. Yes the package is taking up space but why does every package have to make them a ton of dough?

I can’t wait to stitch this one together. I will sew the beads on by hand of course and finish the inside hole by hand. The slow parts of the pillow are relaxing for me.


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