Light and Dark

I’ve heard recently that people who read blogs tend to stay longer if one’s background is light.

Here are the reasons I prefer a dark background:

I love the way images seem much more intense on a black background. Oranges and pinks look smashing.

Back in the olden days when I first started writing on computers the words were white and come flowing out of a dark screen. I’ve loved that dreamy experience ever since.

It’s cinematic.

It’s more magical.

It’s more like dreaming.

It feels intimate.

It’s sexy vs lights  hygienic. We Americans are too obsessed with clean.


One Response to “Light and Dark”

  1. Listen to the lady! A nice black background is the way to go for this type of blog – I use it myself and although I sometimes have trouble with the formatting – I’m not going to swap now 🙂 If you went to a cinema – would you sit there with the lights on? Hygenic background eh? so is an operating theatre, give me the black soup of night any day – anything could happen 🙂

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