West of the River

Dropped the car off this morning to be repaired then walked through the Garden District.

The South Street Canal, northside.

The early start gave me great light for photos.

Everything looked so beautiful and bright in the morning sun.

Ducks were digging there morning water cruise.

I was happy to walk up through the area to the health clinic where I had to check in for a blood test. I am hoping my morning fake bike rides have somehow managed to lower my blood pressure a little bit and lessen my blood sugar. I’m doing okay but the seven years of sitting in a chair at the news factory and getting little exercise moved me closer to “not good.”

Dogwood? I still haven’t increased my botanical knowledge.

This is a really lovely shade of pink. I really like this house, too.

It has a little story book flavor. Is there an architectural term for those houses with the little turrets? OMG, I have to go to design school I sound like a complete ninny. You can’t see any details of the house in this photo. I didn’t want to alarm the occupants by full out snapping pix of their cute house.

Provincial Revivalism, there, I learned.  Does Wiki know what they are talking about?

When I put the term Provincial Revivalism into Google Image the homes look very different.

Found this cool blog Borta I Tiden while looking.

Back to the walk.

Is this a Japanese maple?

The red orange against the blue sky is dreamy.

The wisteria at the clinic was draped so nicely over the pale green wooden awning.

Spring is doing a fabulous job so far.

Next stop, downtown post office.

This was my favorite thing walking away. Library Park Palms with pink blossoms below.

2 Responses to “West of the River”

  1. Spectacular! Thank you.

  2. You are very welcome, Kelly.
    I’ve been inspired by the wonderful blog My Back 40 (Feet). Photos of a particular gardener’s back yard garden and all of San Francisco. Amazing.

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