Intimate Nupitals

The very best things about the partnership between Frank Miller and I is the degree of intimacy that exists between us. Together our most tender thoughts and feelings grow freely, each completely confident that they will be nurtured and cherished.

In a world that is often filled with shallow, cynical and phony exchanges we both feel really lucky to have this history together. We are both kind of shy and intense in our way and that being the case we will do our handfasting in a very private way.

A civil ceremony with only a borrowed, clerk’s office witness seemed the right thing for us.

The trappings of traditional weddings can cause a great deal of stress and even in the humblest of circumstances are costly. Rebellious as ever, we wanted only a quick and initimate private moment to mark the occassion.

The love and affection of family and friends will flow doggedly, artistically, sincerely, without bad bridesmaid’s dresses, cold, bland food and cheap alcohol.

Dance in your hearts, people. We’re all gathered in a big circle, holding  hands in spirit. ♥ Love, Love, Love.

Can I dork it up any more? You betcha:


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