Tattooed Love Dolls

I gave my prototype, redhead doll a tattoo just like mine. She is my self-portrait soft sculture, so what else could I do.

I have been gingerly experimenting with my marker pens on this muslin material. Through cautious testing I’ve established which type of pens bleed and which don’t.

That means I can go nuts and do tattoos on any muslin cloth dolls. When I say go nuts I mean play with the concept to my heart’s content.

I look a little grewsome in this photo. It’s tough to get my arm in the right postion while holding the camera.

This adds a whole new dimension to the wonderful world of art doll creation. I can do custom tattoos on dolls for the people.  Glad I started with something simple.

I sorta freaked out for a moment looking at this. I thought I’d given the doll the tattoo on the wrong arm, then realized this photo of me is a mirror image.

Don’t panic, Constance. All is well.


2 Responses to “Tattooed Love Dolls”

  1. HEy, Nikki!! Hello.

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