LA Ink Blues

The hour of television that used to be LA Ink once gave me a lot of pleasure. Now watching it is like having dropped into a parallel universe where everybody is losing their shit. Self-absorbed, shallow chicks are allowed to cause completely unnescessary friction among people who once got along swimmingly. Old friends find it hard to be brutally honest with eacj other about how inconsiderate it is that this intrusion is allowed to continue. The viewer is torn between telling themselves the tattoo artists must know the reality show hussle that’s taking place — Self absorbed girl is inserted just like the grain of sand in the pearl — but the LA Ink crew never pull together to coat the irritant and create that pearl.

I am still watching the show and yet every time I’m more disgusted. I am now questioning what is real and what is manipulated even in Cory and Kat’s relationship. I hate the producers or whomever is responsible for this lame, lame transformation of a really interesting show about art and people into reality show faux drama.
They are making Kat look like a really selfish ditz. You spend the whole season hoping that someone (Kat) will rise to the task and throw the poisonous element out before her crew (“we’re like a family”) is irrepairably damaged.

Last season was spent hoping Aubrey would be fired. This season I’m worrying that Corey will quit and go back to his shop and life and band. I don’t enjoy worrying about this crap. I want to watch the artists work!

Right now, I’m thinking maybe next season they will focus on Corey and take the show to his shop and watch his band grow. He is kind of like the long suffering hero at this point. But that would be too, cool. I’d enjoy it too much and it might fuck up Corey’s thing when the producers insist on adding a destructive element for drama.

The LA Ink people must be under a monster non-disclosure agreement becasue they never do interviews.

Can they really not know what is going on as they film? I know they don’t see it or experience it as we viewers do. We see a highly edited version that the producers have cropped to show all this crappy, manipulated, hi jinx drama. You’d think though that the workers would get hip to the game and lay off each other.


3 Responses to “LA Ink Blues”

  1. I agree. I really loved the show when it first came on. I couldn’t wait to watch Corey, Hannah, Kim, and Kat do amazing tatoos. The show has gotten so ridiculous at this point. Kat recently commented in a tatoo magazine that she hopes viewers don’t believe everything they see on the show and that she is really disappointed with the direction the network took with the show. It’s just really sad. The show went from being inspirational to just another reality show disappointment. I plan to keep watching, but it’s such a let down. I’m glad I found your blog.

  2. Lou Bozzelli Says:

    couldn’t agree with you more. it used to be a great show, watch clients come in and tell these amazing stories. then watching the artists bring the conception to life in their art. unbeliveably fantastic.

    what was once a “clear the schedule” time to only watch the show, has now become a “well if there is absolutley nothing else on, then ok”.

    this entire premiss with the shop managers. am i supposed to take this seriously?? it’s laughable! sadly laughable. does this direction the show is taking actually make good business sense? what used to be a great reality based show is now being turned into a very poorly created soap opera. there, i’ve finally said it. i’m glad i wasn’t the only one feeling this way.

  3. Katherine Says:

    I hope Corey never goes back to that place. With so much talent, why on earth would he subject himself to a Peyton Place atmosphere? I especially do not like that Australian guy, and that whole crew talks out both sides of thier mouths. Kat has turned into a whiny boo-hoo it’s all about me, and I realize the managers she hired left a lot to be desired, but you have to ask yourself why is it they can’t seem to keep people in that position… This use to be enjoyable and loved watching the wonderful art that emerged, but now it is like watching those silly Housewife train wreck shows.

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