Amazon Lists and Warm Wooly Work

Fell to sleep very early last night after a few hours of reading.

The quiet was nice. I’m reading Marianne Faithfull’s latest recollections.

My daughter adores Marianne and I admire her for having the sense to prefer Keith to Mick deep-heart wise. She is a woman of substance and I love biographies. Amazon got me last week with a trio of books that are roughly related to the 60s. I will be reading:

A Day in the Life: One Family, the Beautiful People, and the End of the Sixties is about a couple of well-borne young people who lived in that time and gave birth to Jake Weber, my favorite from Medium.

Blue Jean Baby: One Girl’s Trip through the Sixites LA Music Scene is low key and very memoirish. It should be fun.

Here is my Amazon purchase list. I have to stop buying books. But I sell many of them as soon as I’ve read them.

Today I will spend some time in my little kitchen sew space. I finally managed to return my focus to the pillow making work. It helped that Frank was gone part of the day. If he’s not here then I can’t moon over him and dote and  . . .

I’ll finish the stitching on this peace sign and add the beautiful trim I bought for it.

I had created a flat peace sign, just sowing the peace sign over a round pillow. It came out very hefty because the fleece I used was very stretchy. I need to cut some of the heft out. I wanted to try a pillow of the shape itself.

I think it will be okay.

I love these colors. I love color period. I can get into to so much trouble when I let myself dream about all the things I could do with beautiful materials at an art store or at JoAnn’s but I am firmly committed to using what I’ve got now whenever possible.

I’m making a dent in it the stock on these shelves. I’ve used up all my caramel (top shelf in picture) and chocolate colored fleece cutting patterns for future donuts and maple bars. I’ll be back creating fresh donuts soon enough.

There are more shelves in the kitchen. Only half the size of my fleece stash shelves but stuffed nevertheless with strippey material for doll stockings and cute things for their skirts and blouses and hair.

I’m ready to rock and I will definitely be doubling down by doing pillow production and my doll making simultaneously. I find it is beneficial to change it up over the course of a day.

Maybe I’ll work on the May Day Sylph’s lips and hair after I’ve tightened up and finished the peace sign.

Most of the materials I’ve brought home for doll clothes and doll bodies, too, have come from my favorite thrift stores.

There are such rich things to be found. Nice muslin, thick, vintage and preferable to what I’ve found at JoAnn.

Cute socks make really nice little shirts for my dolls. I’ve got an Elmo sock/shirt I’ll use soon. Things with hearts and sparkles. I keep my eyes peeled for the good stuff. There’s so much of it out there waiting to be recognized.


3 Responses to “Amazon Lists and Warm Wooly Work”

  1. where do you shop? what art store? have you heard of SCRAPS in SF? I feel like you would love it. Trying to plan a trip there soon.

  2. OMG (not uttered ironically). Just a peek at the website has me intrigued! It looks like an amazing place, a place I might wander in my dreams finding things of value usually overlooked, trashed or purposely ignored by the ready made WalMart heinies.
    What a great excuse for heading south.
    Sometime soon I must go to the city.
    Thank you, Miss J.

  3. Most of my stuff comes from the All Saints Thrift Shop, The Attic and the Discovery Shop. The Beadman for specific things and JoAnn way too much. I sometimes find cute socks to use as shirts for my dolls at Target.
    I am not using much from the actual art stores these days. I have take a vow to use all the art materials and fleece I purchased over the last couple of years.

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