4 20 Donut Day Drool

Last season’s green onions are doing their thing. The blossoms are a lovely shade of pale purple. It looks particularly fetching beside the pale orange petals of the flower-shaped whirlygig.

This photograph is from our last sunny day. Rain has fallen in goodly fashion this week. The plants are loving it. My catnip crops are thriving, too.

It’s good to grow my own so I can offer kitty lovers cat toys stuffed with fresh organic catnip.

Today I will remember the warm as I wrap a big custom pillow order and, in addition, send off my first first donut!!!!!!

I am utterly stoked. I love making these pillows. I swear, I will not eat donuts but I will create big soft plush versions for the delight of the people!

My first is going to Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. Australians have been avid buyers of my big red catnip Squid.

Thanks for digging squiddies and donuts down under!

This morning I selected my Voodoo Donuts T-shirt for the day’s attire and then found that Big Donut sale at Etsy. Cosmic? You be the judge.

As I drove back from dropping Frank at the college I daydreamed about making my first bacon maple bar pillow and sending it to Voodoo with one of my business cards. Maybe I will.


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