Earth Day ♥ I Will Recycle

These items represent a much larger collection of containers that I intend to use again.

I could have dumped them in the outgoing recycle bin but I have plans for these things. The idea of Bottle Dolls has been working my last creative nerve for a good year now.

I will slather them with papier mache, gesso, paint, tissue paper, mod podge and they will be transformed.

Doll making has given me a focus that seems to be magically bring together all elements of my oft careening imagination.

You remember Marla. She’s the German Expressionist tranny head-form in the pink wig.

She was my first experiment with papier mache. I liked working with it. It was a bit sloppy and required a more intense (or maybe just different) physicality than other things I do for dolls and plush creatures. It was a slower process than my Aries immediate-results loving nature could embrace but I could get used to it. Maybe I could love it. It feels as close to sculpture as I’m going to get in this lifetime.

A blog post from September 2008 has pix I sketched of creature people I wanted to make. They will be models for the bottle dolls. This one looks a little like Anna Gunn, the brilliant actress who plays Skylar White on Breaking Bad.

She is among a few horned nymph creatures I was dreaming up back then. These babies are going to lend themselves to fantasy trimmings more than the kind of Americana funky cloth dolls I’m doing now.

The May Day Sylph may be the link to that line.


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