Down the Rabbit Hole

Well, my love of creating dolls has led me on a wild ride somehow. I have fallen down the rabbit hole but into something much sweeter than Alice ever did.

In my search for contemporary doll makers, an exploration both inspiring and intimidating, I have found a wealth of things that are really just too much and in the very best way.

If Spring and Christmas and the joy of a child were combined  into a rich soup and then you ladled in a little amplifing potion you would get up close to how great these places are.

I started by checking out the blog of doll maker Gail Lackey. She makes enchanting things.  Her blog list is a real treasure chest.

Do you love beautiful fabrics, antique cottons and lace, funky, southern neo hippie splendor? GO see Magnolia Pearl. Warning. The site is heavy with image and video so it takes a while to load. It sure is worth it. Amazing.

In the last few days, I also discovered the maker of  exquisite cloth dolls, Shelley Thornton. Go and look.

All this beautiful work is a shock to the system and I see how far there is to go to really hone an aesthetic of my own. I’ll never be the stitch perfect worksman (never say never).  I’ll have to make up for that by imbuing my work with a quirky heart.

Frank and I saw The Runaways last night at Prime 11 in Anderson. I really loved most of it. It dragged a little at the end but then so does life when your band is dissolving before you eyes.

Loved Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett!!!!!!!! She was amazing and made me feel Joan and her serious commitment to the tough frickin life of a rock and roller.

Gloria Sgismondi did a great job directing. I loved the period blood beginning! I loved the practice trailer. I loved the height of the surreal live performace, kick ass  we’re-really-a-band scene.

Michael Shannon was very good as Kim Fowley but Kim is an enigma and the depth of his madman-eats-the-world angst is one of those ephemeral things that can’t be reproduced in all it’s true glory. I love Fowley for his will to live and prosper in a world he knows has little regard for pure bullshit-free, straightforward, mad-thief genius.

Go and watch The Mayor of  the Sunset Strip. See what I mean.

See the woodcarving work of Cherie Curry here.


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