Working Sunday w Donuts

 This picture is of the two men who brought Voodoo Donuts into the world – Kenneth Pogson and Tres Shannon.

I have donuts on the brain today. Maple Bars to be exact.

This is a Voodoo Doughnut bacon maple bar.

As I’ve said, I’m itching to make a plush version.

I bought a maple bar yesterday so that I could photograph it and thereby more easily contemplate it’s glory.

I swore  I wouldn’t eat it.

I didn’t take the photographs until a day after I bought it and the icing has cracked or separated a bit in places.

Still I’ll gloss over that in my mind as I try to translate this vision into 3D.

Today I will start phase two of my multi-part  custom order and I will do a little work on my donut creation.

Donut two, the maple bar, without the bacon today, will be a thrill.

Donut one was a success.

An Aussie woman bought it despite really expensive shipping.

I will make another of these round donuts, too, just as soon as i have time.

Way back in my mind and lower on the list of things to get to, after more dolls, bottle dolls, robots and donuts I am thinking about corrugated cardboard as an art material.

It looks really cool when you pull away the top layer. I accidentally discovered the look of it when I placed a piece under a big office chair in the kitchen to keep the wheels from scratching the old linoleum. I can see the possibilities.


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