Chocolate Bar Donut Pillow

Donut pillow number two is up at ye olde DarcyArts etsy shop!

I love, love making the donuts. This one is really cuddly and soft and it looks like something good to bite but don’t.

Rest your head instead.

I am working to find the exact right color combination for the maple bar. I think I’ll use the caramenl fleece. It’s really a little dark but it’s the best choice.

I am super bummed that I cannot find more of this color anywhere.

It was among a beautiful range of colors that came into the local JoAnn store last summer. Among them there was a wonderful rich tomato red with just a touch of yellow in that red, a lovely plum, a rich olive green and the elusive caramel color. It probably has a different descriptive color name that I need to know to find it. It may be a dark camel but with more yellow.

The search continues.

This pillow is 20 x 12 x 5 inches. I would call that a medium size for my pastry pillows. I want to make a larger one but I’ve cut the only caramel into smaller squares. What was I thinking?

Yesterday was all about cutting words for my current custom project.

Today I must start chain stitching them together. They will look swell, though I must say they are out of my favorite color range, lacking that wonderful yellow element.

It’s not about me, I know.

The flat word pillows will look great in the setting for which they are being created. More about that later.


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