Closer to Home

Automobiles can require a great deal of maintenance as they age. The GrandAm, a faithful servant, had made quite a few trips to the repair shop over the last few years.

This is actually my son’s car but he graciously allows me to use it. He is going to law school and has access to other vehicles and little time for cruising.

I’ve hippied up the vehicle, tried to balance the racy look, though I can think of the blue flames as a Tibetan motif. I may try a sticker cut out of a thangka image. That would be rad.

I made a garland of rosebuds and hung them with Frank’s blue glass drop (glass art class) from the rearview mirror.

I slathered some amber oil onto the dired buds. Much better than one of those scent trees from the parts store.

I am hoping that this will be the last expensive trip to the car doctor for a decent period of time.

The coffers are bleeding, baby.

I walked home from the Athens repair shop with my new camera in hand. So many nice things to see.

It was a lovely day in my neighborhood.

Cool with sunshine.

Outside the Coffee Creek cafe on Athens north of Locust.

White roses there, too.

I’m reading the booklet on the Canon A520 and I’m learning a few things.

These pix were taken with the camera on the auto setting.

This is the new light at Cypress and Athens. I like all the exposed wiring against the blue sky.

A beautiful rusty ring with gray gravel and tufts of weed green on the same corner.

On Parkview along the river near the old freebridge.

These old oaks are amazing, tall graceful, so beautiful. I’m glad they won’t be disturbed.

Before Frank and I reunited I used to dream of living in this little stone house with him.

In my dream we were back in the time when fewer people inhabited the neighborhood and we lived simply here. The roof was intact and sunlight came in the windows from four directions.

There were fresh flowers, spring grass, berries, freshly caught fish for dinner. We shared peaceful afternoons in my mind nestled in this little stone cottage.

I wonder how many others have had these romantic fantasies about this old dwelling? How many hobos loved the little shelter it provided them?

These days if you were allowed near it you could rest with the stars in full view.

A beautiful tree with pink blossoms in the yard of my favorite house on Freebridge.

The residents have such wonderful things here. A lovely entryway and a deer in their yard, a beautiful vine over an arch that burst out in yellow flowers.

They also have a VW.

 I’ve decided they must be very cool and artistic people.


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