The Finish is the Thing

Must work! Must stay with it!

Battling through the aches and irritation of carpal tunnel to get the last stitches in my custom project. All must be photoed and in the mail Monday. Deadlines are good but the farther out they are the more time I feel I’ve got to enjoy the sweet pleasures and responsibilities of daily life.

We had a week touched by rogue donut consumption. I swore to myself that just because I enjoyed making cute donut pillows I would not allow my enchantment to lead me to Heavenly Donuts downtown.

I confess that I failed to stay away. The good news is I’d never been insie before. I bought half a dozen donuts — two chocolate bars (research, okay?), two glazed old fashions and two buttermilk bars.

I ate half a glazed donut in the car on my way to the Attic.

It was good. Later at home the buttermilk bars were a little stiffer than I recall them being in the far distant past.

I really can’t eat donuts. They are gut bombs. I didn’t touch the chocolate bars or more than a couple of bites of the buttermilk, so really I came out only semi-scathed. 

A little temptation is a good thing.

As I sew today I will be sorely aware that my May Day Sylph is late to her party. She’s the very next thing on my list after the custom order goes, though I may stuff her long thin body with tired hands because I want to see her finished.

I put red and pinkish rhinestones on her face.

They are barely visible in these pix. I wonder, looking at her face, if I was influenced by Amy’s makeup on LA Ink. Perhaps. It’s pretty rad.

Okay. Back to work.

One last photo from the Canon this a.m. OctoRose.

I’ll return when my wrists are rested. ♥☻♥


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