Color at Home!

Color is one of the most important elements in any environment I create. Everything is a set to be designed usually with inexpensive or found pieces.

Discards and thrift store items are liberally used in the decor.

The chair closest to the door, a nice comfy old rocker, was left at the curb by neighbors. The wingback chair was a $12 find at the Discovery Shop. They are draped in pink jersey bedding that I bought on sale at Target but didn’t like on the bed.

There are small paintings from my pink period on the wall with a floor lamp with pink shades from Target, on sale, $19.

In the kitchen vegetables provide a  blast of changing color, too. Nature’s color and design is inspiring.

I love beets.

I want to use them to dye something someday. Maybe I’ll try some on my hair.

Yellow beets look great sitting in the produce section. Subtle yellow, pale green, a bit of brown in the root ends that look so like rat tails.

Look at the patterns on this sliced yellow beet. Beautiful.

Sometimes I long to live in a less well-groomed landscape.

I would love to throw all the beautiful scraps in a compost pile.

As I’ve said before, the grounds belong to the landlady and she does not appreciated our laissez faire gardening tendencies. So, we keep the plants in the buckets on the patio and let the gardener care for the big spread of lawn. Noplace for compost or free range chickens. Dang. Next time.

Sometimes the particularly attractive bits of vegetables end up drying on the spice rack.

I love this life that Frank and I have built together — simple pleasures, odd creations, deep delights.

It’s so comfortable and full of color.


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