Wednesday’s Color

Call me crazy but I love this alley.

I seems like something from the 40s. Something suburban built on a smaller scale, simple, affordable rent. Nice stairs where you can sit and dream.

California is looking so good this month. Nature is busting out all over.

I found some lovely roses growing near The Attic this morning.

I had the Canon with me. Sort of returning to the scene of the bargain.

Today’s haul for 98 cents was a nice sheath of thick cottonĀ muslin, A book about pirates for 20 cents anda large illustrated book on the art of Charles Bragg. A little naughty but very nice.

The roses were of delicate shades of pink, lavender and my favorite the combo of pink with a bit of yellow.

They grow very well in that partial shade.

In the coming weeks a visit to The Attic will hold a special treat. Their hollyhocks are getting ready to bloom. They areone of my favorite flowers.

I still have a stem full of seed pods I picked up there a few years ago.

Eucalyptus trees are my very favorite trees.

I have decided to take pix of all the eucalyptus trees around town, slowly but surely, I will share them with you.


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