May Exile On Main Street

This month of May marks the 38th Anniversay of Exile on Main Street. Man, does that make you feel old. What’s not old is the work itself. It still is such a pleasure. Keith Richards has my heart, pickled as he may now be.

I wish he could have shined that light without the dulling film of alkiehaul but you do what you can, I guess, and Fame is an uncomfortable mantle.

Read all about Exile on Main Street at Wikipedia.

I was there again in my mind, in a sordid kind of way reading A Day in the Life: One Family, the Beautiful People and the End of the Sixties by Robert Greenfield. Tom Weber and his wife Puss got connected to Keith and Anita in a crazy way.

Tommy and Puss Weber are the parents of Jake Weber the sexy actor and co-star of Medium. The book made me understand why I loved Jake Weber at first sight. Deep waters and all that. A very interesting and unfair childhood.

I may even return to watching Medium despite the fact that like all TV shows the producers  exploit, sensationalize and misrepresent psychic phenomena in the interest of tacky drama. Jake Weber though is creamy, dreamy and oh so complexly fascinating.

I would recommend this book to any one interested in the flights of fancy and the harsh realities of the Sixties, swinging London, the Rolling Stones, etc. It’s very interesting and after the introductory family histories which were a bit slow but never boring, I couldn’t put it down.

On the work front my May Day Sylph is finished.

She’s perky and made of earthy spring colors, greens and rose pink. She is my creation for the April Etsy ADO team challenge. The theme was Spring Enchantment.

She’s kind of punky with lots of kohl around the blonde button eyes. She has rhinestones, stars and a flower on her face. I tried to keep it simple.

She is made of a comfy old cotton shirt. It was well made for Nordstrom and well worn when I found it at the thrift store. It was my favorite shirt.

I really have to figure out why green look so puky in the pix. It something to do with the light but I don’t know exactly what.

Photogs out there may send hints at any time. I bow to your superior knowledge.

 I do have all sorts of built in filters on my Canon Power Shot SD1000. I’ll continue to plau with them.

I’ve always got touch up filters in my Roxio.

I should/could take a digital photo class and a photo shop class, too, but I can’t afford the appropriate SLR cameras or Photoshop software either.

I do like to make do with olderly tools. I’ve got Gimp and the 20 pound book that explains how to get the most of that free program. There’s the reading to do in my fuure.

Now, on to the third round of my custom order of big letter pillows.  See you cats and kitties later!


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