The Discovery Shop has themed sales through out the year. They are having their craft sale this weekend. Luckily for my stash of cash I did not see anything I really needed.

One of there themes is a pet-related Humane Society day. They have live dogs in need of homes out in the parking lot and lots of pet-related goodies inside the shop.

They also bring out lots of animal knick knacks. You can count on cats and dogs, pigs, bears, owls, and deer.

I found this vulnerable looking pair of deer a few weeks back. A mother and fawn with those captivating and corny reflector eyes. I like the positions of these two thought they seem a little uneasy. They are still very cute.

I also found a pair of giraffe. After having them for a few days I seemed to be remembering that my grandmother had them in her house back in the day.

These giraffes have rhinestone eyes. That’s pretty cool.

They look good together, too.

I guess they are a couple.

Thier spots are gold, the tips of their antlers and their hooves.

Stylish duo. I haven’t listed these on Etsy yet. I may just keep them for myself but it’s not like I need more stuff.

I need less stuff. Just about every nook and cranny in this house is filled. If I had to move I’d be panicked. I thought I’d learned my lesson when we moved from an apartment into this house.

I guess if it comes time to move on we’ll have a hell of a yard sale. I’ve always been pretty good about letting go of things.


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