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Juggling Details

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Shortly after sitting down with my calender to make sure I was accurately visualizing the number of days left to produce 25 letter/number pillows I had to rethink.

The mail brought a lovely invitation to serve as a juror for Shasta County. Right smack dab in the middle of my pillow making days I will be calling in to find out if my group will be activated. If I’m lucky, I’ll find that after a few evenings of calling in my grouo won’t be needed. If I’m not, it means at least a couple of days of hanging out in the uber bland surroundings of the courthouse. The main potential-juror holding tank is boring enough. The actual court rooms are mind-numbingly monotone.

And I’m in a bright color period. Under the influence of the gorgeous beets I recently cooked up I purchased two bottles of scarlet dye and doused a few items of clothing – scarlet undies, scarlet raggy T shirts, scarlet thermals.

In the worst case scenario I will actually be hooked up with jury duty and spend a number of days sitting quietly. No iPod, no book reading, no journal sketching.

  Oh, yes, if it happens it will be an adventure. Everything is an invitation and an adventure.

Here i am whining and blogging when I really must get to the pillows.

I finished two yesterday, cut three, started stuffing a third already sewn before I realized I’d sewn an inside strip onto the wrong side and had to rip the seam and flip it.

I’ve got little piles of pillow parts waiting to be united. I’ll cut lots more in the coming days.

I’m focused on getting the work organized to the point where I have a reasonable amount of hand sewing to do on any given day. I’d like to avoid setting off a fire storm of carpal tunnel. Bit by bit. Slow but steady. That’s the goal.

My new kitchen workspace shelves are holding the materials that will become the fat plushie letters, numbers and donuts of the future.

My deadline for the letter pillows is June 10. My call in date for jury duty is May 24. That means I have to get them done by the earlier date in case I must serve. Jury duty is an all day thing.

I’m looking at it now as a good kick inthe pants. The earlier I get done with this custom order the quicker I’m back to donuts and dolls.

Oh, yes, I’ll try to slip my ADO doll challenges in with the letter job. I’ve got a smashing idea for the May Circus Sideshow challenge that will give dollie life to my original redheaded twin characters, Stevie and Dee Darcy. I will make them conjoined twins. It will be a metaphor, as they truly are, for the yin/yang elements my self.

I also have plans for the hooka smoking caterpillar for the Alice in WOnderland ADO challenge. That one is due by the end of June. I found a wonderful wormy thing to use as inspiration.

I  love the patterns and this color of green. The green of my letter pillows is a dark olive that does not translate in the photos posted here. It reads like a slimey grease gray. I’ve tried different setting on my digital camera but obviously have not found the right combination.

My early morning trips to the grocery store after dropping Frank at school have revealed to me the perfect opportunity to get really nice, absolutely free shipping boxes.

These boxes (a little blurry), held those little packaged fruit pie pastries. The grocery clerk who unloaded them told me they have these every morning!

I’m experienceing box mania right now. I want to bring home every fine box I see. These boxes are 22x9x5. They are just about perfect for my dolls.  A little long , maybe. But I may make the dolls a little taller, a little beefier.

The thought that my box mania may instigate evolutionary movement in my doll construction is amazing and amusing.

It may seem crazy now to be filling our spare room with cardboard boxes but come craft fair and holiday season, which is just around the corner, I’ll use them all.