Squeezing Time

Time. If I ignore it will it become more fluid, stretchy, forgiving?

I am in the thick of the spring explosion of creativity. So appropriate. Ideas, projects, work elements are budding all over my work space.

I’m doing the multitasking, big time. Everything is flowing along pretty smoothly (I won’t think about the possible jury duty right this second).

I have projects tucked into the tiniest corners of my consciousness but a look at a film on dollmakers has made me more secure in the knowledge that things need to ripen and will in their own organic time frame.

Someday (in fall?) I will make my Robyn Hitchcock Soft Boy doll and my Georgia O’Keeffe, Yayoi Kusama, etc.

All the work is trimmed in the deep satisfaction that I am still physically able and free from bondage to do it.

I’m fighting the urge to want to get started on my ADO challenges, though I will do so slowly and steadily, so that I can really get a handle on the custom pillow order.

It’s all good and rich and such a thrill.

Extra special treats are, once again, books and music. I am doing a good day’s work in which I can play my iPod, CDs, dusty old tapes and then retire for the evening with Frank and an interesting memoir or biography. I’ve picked up the late great Arthur “Killer” Kane’s I, Doll.

I hear the echos of the Dead End Kids in every paragraph. Kane is a funny, charming adjectivally-enamoured writer.

I’ve returned to Carlos Casteneda, too. I read his adventures in the under spirit world of the brujo/shaman Don Juan when I was very young and gullable. It gave me a feeling of connection the earth where I grew up. It’s what the story creates in the heart that matters. Truth is tricky.

Tomorrow I’ll bring home the Deluxe re-release version of Exile on Main Street!!! Heard Mr. Richards speaking to an NPR’s Lynn Neary on Morning Edition this morning. He sounded so clear and sound. Bless him.

They’ll be interviewing Mr. Jagger tomorrow.


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