LA Ink, Drama?

I am indulging in post-season reflections on LA Ink and the problem of faux drama on reality TV shows. I wonder if the artists at High Voltage have fallen into a pot of bad juju stew despite their intent to ignore the injected storyline bullshit (Aubry, Liz).

I believe the low-minded producers who felt that this show needed more drama must be simpletons. They may have imagined that they could drop the fake job applicants into the mix and drama would instantly ensue.

It’s been very hard slogging on LA Ink. The artists and faithful employees are just trying to do their job and I would imagine compensation makes it worth it to interact with the reality show level “actors”.

I think Kat is losing her grip on her business or at least has a tenuous hold on the romantic notion of her “tattoo family”.

She seems to lord over the enterprise in a very imperial fashion. She doesn’t seem to share Cory’s down-to-earth idea of friendship. She makes token extensions of emotional closeness to the people in the shop but she takes their undying urge to serve completely for granted.

Kat has a lot of irons in the fire and something must suffer. I hate watching the cheapened version of this show but I can’t seem to turn my back on it. I do not enjoy the fake drama and the sideshow af accidental aggravations. I whine about this trite crap through the whole hour but I keep watching.  I love the art and the simple human exchange.

Craig and Paulie and Amy are cool. I’ll be super bummed if Amy doesn’t come back. She was pretty rad. It is interesting to see someone working and practicing their craft.

I hope we see Cory and his shop next season. I want just good things for the good people doing good work.

Knock off the baloney, producers!!! Don’t try to fix it if it ain’t broke.

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