Donut Break

After days and days of letter number pillow making I had to take a break to cut some donut pillows.

I’m finding people are interested in these cutie pies so I want to get a few more into the Etsy shop. I have multiple ideas for icing and sprinkles floating in my heart and I am trying very hard not to confuse the art with the food.

“Do Not Eat Donuts,” I repeat to myself.

I but donuts for research. They are so pretty. These day-old donuts were cheap inspiration at WalMart.

I like to have images to see the way the frosting drips, to see the colored sprinkles used and how well they “pop”.

These were pretty nice examples and gave me a good variety of sizes of toppings.

I like these big pastel dots.

They had little dots too.

There are more colors among the small dots, cool.

Then I have to decide how I will reproduce the pastels in fabric or beads, or whatever is available and not too expensive.

All this deep-fried pastry is sitting around my kitchen, or was till I threw them all in the trash. They were pretty stale by then. Granny ate a few before they got too dired out.

These small donuts are nice especially with cherries stuffed in them. That was Frank’s design.

I began stitching the small maple bar, one of four donuts I cut today.

This is sadly the last of my caramel colored fleece.

I cannot find this color anywhere, not online or at the JoAnn store. Boo hoo.

I guess Ill have to concentrate on round donuts but it was very good for a round donut base, too.

This is before I started stitching the maple icing  on tightly.

Maybe I’ll keep this one and keep my eye peeled for some maple-colored substitute.

My shelves are stuffed with the materials of projects underway.

I’m going to be fast at work for the rest of the spring and summer and hopefully, Frank and I can take a little break mid August for a reunion of our dearly beloved friend from our early San Francisco days! Whee!

I’ve cut a new pattern for slightly larger cloth dolls. I’m looking forward to building up stock for the 2010 holiday season. I’m going to keep it real simple and make it sweet.

This is all such good news, to know what I’m doing and to look forward to this work everyday.

I am so thankful for this being my life.

It’s 4 p.m. and I’ve been at it since 5:30 a.m.

Time to relax, wind down and rest up for tomorrow.

The wind is blowing in another storm. The sky is still blue but I bet we’ll have rain soon. I love the sound of rain onthe roof, the windows.

I want to make more mushrooms, too and get around to my 50s  Beat gnomes.

It’ll happen.

I might have to put the bottle dolls off for another year.


4 Responses to “Donut Break”

  1. Oh Darcy I just love the shots of your shop! I think we should start a Facebook page just for showing off art studios! Either our own or maybe just a favorite artist!

  2. P.S…. Did you eat your “inspiration”? LOL!

  3. What is your Etsy link again?

  4. Hey Lita! Welcome to my world. To get to my Etsy shop you just lick on the big Etsy Badge on the right side of the page.
    I will tell you that I successfully resisted eating my inspirational samples.
    I, too love to see the work spaces of all artists and you idea is really great. Let’s try out it out on Facebook by asking for friends to post pictures.
    Keep checking in.

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