Slow as Molasses

My post yesterday included a sort of sloppy taking stock of projects under way, approved projects yet to be started and those that still dance in my head.

This is my second year doing Etsy full time and as I drift deeper into 2010 I am reminded how fast the months fly off the calendar. I am working in a dedicated fashion, fingers are raw and stiff at the end of most days. I’m exhiliarated to do every stitch.

I am learning that I do not have the time to transform every idea into a real physical object d’arte. Maybe if I were to give up sleeping but I’m a wreck without the proper rest. This human form demands pampering and I must yield to the slow molasses swim of making in time.

This well-worn little doggie was my very first stuffed creature. I made him in the image of my beloved, long gone Wimpy, the cuddle puppy of my infancy.

He’s a pretty good imitation. In the film Meet the Fockers, There is a vintage Wimpy, just like the one I had, framed in a plexiglass frame. The real doggies were a light cocoa color.

I made this dog from a fleece jacket I had in my closet. I borrowed his stuffing from an old pillow. He now lives with my daughter Jessica and her beau Colby in San Francisco.

I would like to add mod Whimpies to my collection of creatures but I have to put them on the to do list and see if I get there this year.  I am still learning how many new things I can actually produce in any given year. Not many.

I’ve got projects that will easily take me to July. Once I hit July I’ve got a mere four months to get the DarcyArts store stocked up for the end of the year holidays.  Holiday sales have lapped over well into January, biting into the next year.

I may be addicted to innovation. I think it’s a good thing that what I have already created is working. I will learn to limit my impulses and settle down to refining the strongest elements of my oeuvre.


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