Half a Dozen

Feeling fairly caught up with the letter/number pillows I set yesterday as a donut sewing day.

 Friday I split my time between the two projects and cut out the donut shapes and holes. Saturday I found the right icing colors and did the hand stitching which I will finish today.

As I mentioned, I’ve got one more donut, a devil’s food with white icing to stuff and stitch. I want to put little cocoa puffs on it.

All three of these should be so cute.

I still need to sew twin cloth dolls for an ADO challenge. They will be the embodiment of my chief characters, Dee and Stevie Darcy.

I’m thinking I’ll run out of time today to get to them. My goal is to finish and photograph at least one of the donuts by this evening.

I’ll remind myself not to rush it, not to fall prey to my native Aries impatience. I’m just stoked that I have them nearly doen and I’ll be satified to work them slowly into completion, listing them on Etsy as they come off the one-woman assembly line.

I am creating enough to stack on a big holding pole. That’s another goal, at least a half dozen stacked on my hand made holder by the end of August. I think I’ve made good progress. When I finish the three in the works, and if no one buys one this week, I’ll have four on the pole! ♥

Friends, I ask you now to send up tiny prayers/positive affirmations that I will luck out and NOT be chosen for jury duty. Visualize me calling in tomorrow night and hearing that my group will not be needed. It’s not that I want to shirk my duties as a citizen. It’s just that my time is so precious. I have work to do!


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