Cherry Icing

In the big build up to half a dozen the latest is a donut with cherry icing and no sprinkles.

The color was is pretty and powerful that it deserves to stand by itself. That and the fact that not many bead sprinkles show up well on this intense field.

I love this donut. Yes, I love them all but this one is so big and pretty! It measures about 20 iches across and is 5 inches high.

This much color will really brighten a room, baby.

I can see these tossed on the bed or on a soft clean rug for a toddler to crawl over or sit in.

I know my daughter would have happily occupied a donut pillow hole while watching Muppet Family Christmas, her first favorite TV offering.

I was going to school back then and had not yet given free reign to my maker instincts. I had my hands full with two kids and college.

Here is Miss Jess in a sweatshirt turban looking badass beside Keith Richards and beneath the Blues For Allah poster.

I wish I had a time machine so I could make her big donuts and all the pretty dresses she craved as a very small girl.

I think Brian would have liked the donuts as well. They make for very comfy lounging.  Time machine, time machine, time machine!

Does every mother wish to turn back the hands of time ?

My kids are so cool and now as young adults they touch my heart and blow my mommy mind with their brilliance and goodness.

They are poised and kind and funny, funny people. I am so blessed to have be related to them.

Ah, back to the work at hand.

Three or four sets of 7s need to be stuffed and  I should definitely start today. I think I’ve got three sewn with two more sets to go. I also have three letters to cut, sew and stuff. Shipping begins this week. I’ll roll them out one big box at a time.

Potential boulder in the road –> I call the court about jury duty this evening.

No more donuts for a while though I’ve got two others nearly finished.

Maybe I’ll finish the last of the hand stitching on this donut with chocolate icing and red hearts candies. I’m so close to being done.

I want it on my donut stack.

This baby should be up at Etsy sometime this week. Yummy for the eyes.


!Help! Anybody out there who knows where I can get this caramel colored fleece (body of donut) on line please leave me a comment.


3 Responses to “Cherry Icing”

  1. I bought you some toffee colored fleece that looks pretty close and it’s being shipped to your house 🙂 heart!

  2. OMG ♥ You are a sweet blizzard of wonderfulness!!!!!
    That will make the maple bar much easier to realize!

  3. So cute! Love it!

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