Pizza and Pastries

I’m pretty sure If I mention pillows one more time someone will slap me but I’ll just slip in a plug here for my big donut with cherry icing:

This evening, wet and chilly for the end of May, I must confess that after a full day’s work on projects mentioned far too often I am reading another interesting memoir.

I though this one might be a little Oprahish but I’ve found Elizabeth Gilbert is a witty Cancerian and she’s visiting places to which I am drawn.  Though this is like a mega hit book that’s not a good enough reason to avoid it.

I am loving Gilbert’s descriptions of her lusty enjoyment of Italian foods. Pastries and pizza. Yumm.

I read on Amazon that they are making a movie of this book and that Julia Roberts will star. Hum. Maybe. I hope she doesn’t burst out in that crazy laught too much.

I’m avoiding the nightly viewing of Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann. It’s just too sad to see the oil spew and related wipe out damage. Too, too sad. I know I have to face reality but sometimes it’s tough.

Back to my book.


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