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The rain has soaked the garden. It’s all covered with big droplets of water from the skies.

The tiger lilies, left by the previous occupants of this home, come out year after year. I should probably transplant them.

The warm is coming. It’s nearly the end of merry May. The vegetation is growing well. All are reaching for the sunlight.

I caught a sunbeam in one of the mirror hangings. Flash!

Lavender blossoms on the green onions are looking good.

I went light on vegetables this season – two tomato plants, some cilantro.

I planted a pepper that has not thrived.

Chamomile for tea? Or will it be just a pleasant treat for the eyes?

Do the white petals always point downward?

There is chocolate mint and catnip, parsley, the green onions and aloe vera. Here comes the sun, little darling. The container garden in low key this year.

I think the critters thought I’d brought peanuts my first time for photos. They were double checking my actions when I went back inside. These photos were taken through the kitchen windows.

The bluejays are the quickest and smartest peanut spotters. They squawk out an excited announcement as soon as the first peanut hits the grass.

This guy had already snatched a fat moth from under the eaves that cover the front walk but he wants more.

The squirrels follow the jays’  lead.

Right outside the window over the kitchen sink is a bush where the squirrels hang out and mad dog us. If we are lax with the food.

“Where are the goobers, people?! Have you lost your frickin minds?”