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Half a Dozen

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Feeling fairly caught up with the letter/number pillows I set yesterday as a donut sewing day.

 Friday I split my time between the two projects and cut out the donut shapes and holes. Saturday I found the right icing colors and did the hand stitching which I will finish today.

As I mentioned, I’ve got one more donut, a devil’s food with white icing to stuff and stitch. I want to put little cocoa puffs on it.

All three of these should be so cute.

I still need to sew twin cloth dolls for an ADO challenge. They will be the embodiment of my chief characters, Dee and Stevie Darcy.

I’m thinking I’ll run out of time today to get to them. My goal is to finish and photograph at least one of the donuts by this evening.

I’ll remind myself not to rush it, not to fall prey to my native Aries impatience. I’m just stoked that I have them nearly doen and I’ll be satified to work them slowly into completion, listing them on Etsy as they come off the one-woman assembly line.

I am creating enough to stack on a big holding pole. That’s another goal, at least a half dozen stacked on my hand made holder by the end of August. I think I’ve made good progress. When I finish the three in the works, and if no one buys one this week, I’ll have four on the pole! ♥

Friends, I ask you now to send up tiny prayers/positive affirmations that I will luck out and NOT be chosen for jury duty. Visualize me calling in tomorrow night and hearing that my group will not be needed. It’s not that I want to shirk my duties as a citizen. It’s just that my time is so precious. I have work to do!


Slow as Molasses

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My post yesterday included a sort of sloppy taking stock of projects under way, approved projects yet to be started and those that still dance in my head.

This is my second year doing Etsy full time and as I drift deeper into 2010 I am reminded how fast the months fly off the calendar. I am working in a dedicated fashion, fingers are raw and stiff at the end of most days. I’m exhiliarated to do every stitch.

I am learning that I do not have the time to transform every idea into a real physical object d’arte. Maybe if I were to give up sleeping but I’m a wreck without the proper rest. This human form demands pampering and I must yield to the slow molasses swim of making in time.

This well-worn little doggie was my very first stuffed creature. I made him in the image of my beloved, long gone Wimpy, the cuddle puppy of my infancy.

He’s a pretty good imitation. In the film Meet the Fockers, There is a vintage Wimpy, just like the one I had, framed in a plexiglass frame. The real doggies were a light cocoa color.

I made this dog from a fleece jacket I had in my closet. I borrowed his stuffing from an old pillow. He now lives with my daughter Jessica and her beau Colby in San Francisco.

I would like to add mod Whimpies to my collection of creatures but I have to put them on the to do list and see if I get there this year.  I am still learning how many new things I can actually produce in any given year. Not many.

I’ve got projects that will easily take me to July. Once I hit July I’ve got a mere four months to get the DarcyArts store stocked up for the end of the year holidays.  Holiday sales have lapped over well into January, biting into the next year.

I may be addicted to innovation. I think it’s a good thing that what I have already created is working. I will learn to limit my impulses and settle down to refining the strongest elements of my oeuvre.

Donut Break

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After days and days of letter number pillow making I had to take a break to cut some donut pillows.

I’m finding people are interested in these cutie pies so I want to get a few more into the Etsy shop. I have multiple ideas for icing and sprinkles floating in my heart and I am trying very hard not to confuse the art with the food.

“Do Not Eat Donuts,” I repeat to myself.

I but donuts for research. They are so pretty. These day-old donuts were cheap inspiration at WalMart.

I like to have images to see the way the frosting drips, to see the colored sprinkles used and how well they “pop”.

These were pretty nice examples and gave me a good variety of sizes of toppings.

I like these big pastel dots.

They had little dots too.

There are more colors among the small dots, cool.

Then I have to decide how I will reproduce the pastels in fabric or beads, or whatever is available and not too expensive.

All this deep-fried pastry is sitting around my kitchen, or was till I threw them all in the trash. They were pretty stale by then. Granny ate a few before they got too dired out.

These small donuts are nice especially with cherries stuffed in them. That was Frank’s design.

I began stitching the small maple bar, one of four donuts I cut today.

This is sadly the last of my caramel colored fleece.

I cannot find this color anywhere, not online or at the JoAnn store. Boo hoo.

I guess Ill have to concentrate on round donuts but it was very good for a round donut base, too.

This is before I started stitching the maple icing  on tightly.

Maybe I’ll keep this one and keep my eye peeled for some maple-colored substitute.

My shelves are stuffed with the materials of projects underway.

I’m going to be fast at work for the rest of the spring and summer and hopefully, Frank and I can take a little break mid August for a reunion of our dearly beloved friend from our early San Francisco days! Whee!

I’ve cut a new pattern for slightly larger cloth dolls. I’m looking forward to building up stock for the 2010 holiday season. I’m going to keep it real simple and make it sweet.

This is all such good news, to know what I’m doing and to look forward to this work everyday.

I am so thankful for this being my life.

It’s 4 p.m. and I’ve been at it since 5:30 a.m.

Time to relax, wind down and rest up for tomorrow.

The wind is blowing in another storm. The sky is still blue but I bet we’ll have rain soon. I love the sound of rain onthe roof, the windows.

I want to make more mushrooms, too and get around to my 50s  Beat gnomes.

It’ll happen.

I might have to put the bottle dolls off for another year.

LA Ink, Drama?

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I am indulging in post-season reflections on LA Ink and the problem of faux drama on reality TV shows. I wonder if the artists at High Voltage have fallen into a pot of bad juju stew despite their intent to ignore the injected storyline bullshit (Aubry, Liz).

I believe the low-minded producers who felt that this show needed more drama must be simpletons. They may have imagined that they could drop the fake job applicants into the mix and drama would instantly ensue.

It’s been very hard slogging on LA Ink. The artists and faithful employees are just trying to do their job and I would imagine compensation makes it worth it to interact with the reality show level “actors”.

I think Kat is losing her grip on her business or at least has a tenuous hold on the romantic notion of her “tattoo family”.

She seems to lord over the enterprise in a very imperial fashion. She doesn’t seem to share Cory’s down-to-earth idea of friendship. She makes token extensions of emotional closeness to the people in the shop but she takes their undying urge to serve completely for granted.

Kat has a lot of irons in the fire and something must suffer. I hate watching the cheapened version of this show but I can’t seem to turn my back on it. I do not enjoy the fake drama and the sideshow af accidental aggravations. I whine about this trite crap through the whole hour but I keep watching.  I love the art and the simple human exchange.

Craig and Paulie and Amy are cool. I’ll be super bummed if Amy doesn’t come back. She was pretty rad. It is interesting to see someone working and practicing their craft.

I hope we see Cory and his shop next season. I want just good things for the good people doing good work.

Knock off the baloney, producers!!! Don’t try to fix it if it ain’t broke.

Fun with Few Carbs

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I’ve got donuts on my mind but I did not eat any deep fried temptation. No, it was a half a raisin bagel with cream cheese.

Okay, I slathered it on in a big piggish smear but it wasn’t a donut.

I may have felt safe because I do not eat pasta the way the people who populate Fellini’s Roma eat pasta. If you are having a hard time cutting out the carbos watch Roma. So much fatty flesh.

I accept that voluptuous women turned up to 11 on the porky scale can be sexy. I get that all the generous-figured women are meant to represent the magnificent, sensual Bachanalian lust for life and Rome on the grand scale.  I just imagine not being able to breathe well. I feel the habitually distended stomach pushing against the surrounding organs, cramping their operating style.

It does not seem sexy.

On a non-fattening note, I may have a custom donut job coming through. Someone asked if I could do this devil’s-food-with-white-icing donut pillow in a different color.

I love incorporating other’s suggestions.

It’s fun. It’s positive interaction. I have been bouyed on the wings of this sort of cooperation and I can work in my cozy little cottage. Deeelight!

Dig this: “Doing some thing where play is at the heart of every interaction is implicitly political.” That quote is from Russel Wilcox a laser engineer at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. I read it in Daniel Pinchbeck’s Breaking Open the Head.

I felt I had to interject that piece of wisdom because I so often talk about fun. In my world fun does not need to be justified.

Octo Rosie has her eye on you.

Squeezing Time

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Time. If I ignore it will it become more fluid, stretchy, forgiving?

I am in the thick of the spring explosion of creativity. So appropriate. Ideas, projects, work elements are budding all over my work space.

I’m doing the multitasking, big time. Everything is flowing along pretty smoothly (I won’t think about the possible jury duty right this second).

I have projects tucked into the tiniest corners of my consciousness but a look at a film on dollmakers has made me more secure in the knowledge that things need to ripen and will in their own organic time frame.

Someday (in fall?) I will make my Robyn Hitchcock Soft Boy doll and my Georgia O’Keeffe, Yayoi Kusama, etc.

All the work is trimmed in the deep satisfaction that I am still physically able and free from bondage to do it.

I’m fighting the urge to want to get started on my ADO challenges, though I will do so slowly and steadily, so that I can really get a handle on the custom pillow order.

It’s all good and rich and such a thrill.

Extra special treats are, once again, books and music. I am doing a good day’s work in which I can play my iPod, CDs, dusty old tapes and then retire for the evening with Frank and an interesting memoir or biography. I’ve picked up the late great Arthur “Killer” Kane’s I, Doll.

I hear the echos of the Dead End Kids in every paragraph. Kane is a funny, charming adjectivally-enamoured writer.

I’ve returned to Carlos Casteneda, too. I read his adventures in the under spirit world of the brujo/shaman Don Juan when I was very young and gullable. It gave me a feeling of connection the earth where I grew up. It’s what the story creates in the heart that matters. Truth is tricky.

Tomorrow I’ll bring home the Deluxe re-release version of Exile on Main Street!!! Heard Mr. Richards speaking to an NPR’s Lynn Neary on Morning Edition this morning. He sounded so clear and sound. Bless him.

They’ll be interviewing Mr. Jagger tomorrow.

Morning Sky

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Couldn’t resist running for the camera.

Good morning and it’s going to be warm.

All is well in my world.

Work, dig life, love.

Trees are graceful friends. If I didn’t love Frank or know him, I’d marry a eucalyptus.

I’ll miss the sunrise when we move to a later summer schedule but I’ll be able to dig Conan.

One has to set one’s priorities.

Breaking Bad will be more enjoyable viewing when I’m not fighting sleep.