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Donuts East

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My wonderful benefactor interior designer, Chele McKee, has asked for three “Big” donut pillows to add to her lasted project palate.

I am stoked, glad and busy.

This “Big” donut order came very close to the custom Mick Jagger for the New Jersey Jordan, my Soft Boys key appreciator.

Looks like I’m halfway through my second year as a small business owner, successfully working for myself, doing work that suits me. I have escaped a workplace that made me feel incompetent. Huzzah.

This morning I was out in the container garden to trim all six of my catnip plants. I watered the greenery, will finish sewing the icing on the third donut, pack up the bunch and mail it to Pittsburg, PA and come back home to get back to work on my Alice in Wonderland caterpillar.  

Blessings drift down like sweet snowflakes these days and I am thankful. That’s a good image for these warm days while stitching away under the hot lights — sweet, light , cool snowflake blessings falling onto me, cooling and enriching me.

I refined my longish meditation words this morning during my too-quick, outdoor yoga session.

— I am a flower blissful in the sunshine, lotus heart and diamond mind —

— I am a flower blissful in the sunshine, lotus heart and diamond mind —

— I am a flower blissful in the sunshine, lotus heart and diamond mind —

Now back to work.

Full Body Mick

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He’s done. He’s oddly lanky. It’s that freakishly long  torso.

I love The Rolling Stone’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus but dread the Stones performance a bit for Brian looking so swollen, dazed and sausage-like but most especially for being exposed to Mick’s weird torso.

I’m stilted, cringing, as Sympathy for the Devil goes on knowing Mick will soon remove his shirt. No, Mick, no.

Please allow me to introduce myself . . .

Okay, but don’t remove your clothing.

I have spells of making fun of Mick but as my daughter, Jessica, reminds me that, despite my ragging,  I really love Mick.

She’s right. You gotta love Mick. He’s an integral part of the rock package. He’s practically an archetype.

Speaking of too long, have you seen Mick’s new girlfriend, L’wren Scott? She’s 6′ 3″, dark and skinny.

Here is a really nice Stones-related site with good pix of the Jagger/Richards/Watts women and offspring. Lizzie Jagger is gorgeous. Good work dear, Jerry.

Can I just say that I love making The Soft Boys? I’ve got Iggy and Ziggy era David Bowie coming up next. I want to do Patti Smith and Georgia O’Keeffe, Yayoi Kusama and more Fridas.

I may get to Dee Dee Ramone and dang, Robyn Hitchcock must come soon! He’s the inventor of the Soft Boy name. ♥

Today — Donuts! I have to complete the third “Big” donut to ship to Pittsburg ASAP.

I love making donuts, too. I’m going to make plenty to stock up for the upcoming holiday season. Dolls and Donuts are my passion. 🙂

Stone Mick

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When I thought about doing it I knew my first reaction would be laughter and I was right. Of course, he’s so easy to cartoonize. His face is easily plunged into caricature.

I am very happy with my Mick head. He’s just itching to get his body attached so he can strut like a rooster. I’ll stuff his bod today.

It’s amazing to me how simple the stitching can be and still communicate specific traits.

Years ago I longed to be a cartoonist. I loved, still do, R. Crumb for his detail, his workmanship and mania for the pen. He along with Lynda Barry have inspired me to try my hand at artistic pursuits probably more than any other folks beside Andy Warhol.

I think I’m learning more about cartooning making cloth dolls than I did from reading all the materials specifically on the subject.

I made his do very leonine. He is of course a Leo.

Mick on a stick. This is how I cut the hair and get a good look of how it hangs. Do I need to add a lock or two? Cut this section a bit shorter. It works well and satisfies the latent hairdresser in me.

I don’t believe it is possible to make Mick’s lips to big. They really are beautiful. If you were his ex-girlfriend you’d miss those lips.

Start me up!

Slow Garden

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Lack of first-time zeal has made this year’s garden less captivating than last year. even though this is the third season, really, not the second, my enthusiasm kind of paled.

It’s also partially due to deciding to plant mostly catnip. I use catnip for my squiddie cat toys. It makes sense to grow that crop.

Last year and the year before we were heavy on tomatoes. I love them in the spring and throw them in/on nearly every dish. I guess my tomato thrill waned.

I’ve got a grisly Early Girl growing. It came from the store kind of gnarled and yucky. It’s first little tomatoes were split and sad-looking. I’ve fertilized it and am hoping it will freshen up with the trimming I’m giving it.

It seemed over grown  and kind of curled in on itself. I think it was abused some how on its way to market.

 The close up shot lets you see that some of the toms tend toward a Tim Burtonesque quality. Big bugs?

We’ve got a Roma tomato, Big Mama Hybrid. Those will be delicious.

I noticed we have tiny little early girls that are coming from the seeds of one of last years fallen tomatoes. Too cool. I really do love effortless gardening.

We welcomed some beautiful squash to the container garden last week. there are two regular zucchini:

and one eight ball squash, which will look like little squash pool balls when they are ready for plucking. The blossoms are yellow stars, so beautiful.

The Eightball squash are pre bloom. Something to look forward to seeing (see below).

I hope the squash, which likes to spread out can deal with crawling outside the low, flat pot. I will have to make sure their tendrils are out of the way of the mad gardener and his edger.

Maybe I’ll erect a sign.

“Proceed gently in the vicinity of vegetables.”  ” No sharp tools near tender plants.” Or, “Back off, Jack!”

The Tibetan flags hung over the garden have faded to the point where straight neighbors ( if we have any) will take them for patriotic red, white, and blue. Just in time for the Fourth of July. The green faded to blue, the yellow to white. We had a lot of rain this year.

Chamomile and chocolate peppermint. These will go into iced tea.

Herbs and flowers and vegetables are a pleasure even for those of us who possess little knowledge.


June Projects

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A revisitation of  feeling my progress is molasses slow on my latest three projects. I wish there was three of me to deal tenderly with each.

Through the last week of June I’ll make the caterpillar and the hookah for for the ADO Alice in Wonderland Challenge.  

Choosing which mushroom to use will be the easiest thing on my list.

I’ve got a maroon mushroom with a striped stem and a cotton ruffle made of strips of an Indian bed spread.

I love the colors and the rough stringy look of the ruffle.

The purple mushroon has a furry stem. I call it the 70s plush fur ‘shroom. It also has a bumpy pink under section that makes a nice contrast to the purple ruffle.

In the end I will just have to see which looks best with the finished caterpillar.

I’ve been avoiding the work of lacing ribbon through the strings on the sock I will be fashioning into the fat wormy fellow.

It’s really only about a dozen rows of threading, a job that would take about an hour and a half,  if I really applied myself, but I’m only logging about 15 minutes at a time.

I really wanted this sock to be more of a greenish color. I dyed it, then bleached it and it’s still pretty dull. I’ll use permanent markers to jazz it up after I get the ribbon in. My deadline for this Alice project is July 7th.

I cannot believe how quickly the minutes and hours of June are disappearing. June, slow down.

 I have been encouraged to create more Soft Boys. That makes me very, very happy. ♥♥♥ I will make Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop and David Bowie. As I learned to say in my So Cal youth, I am totally stoked to do this work which is indistinguishable from play.

 Mick’s face is coming out well. I love simple cloth dolls because I can’t get too carried away with details. It has less of the angst of painting portraits. Don’t get me wrong. I love that angst. It’s sort of thrilling to see if the painted face will actually come together and resemble the intended subject. It’s very weird and spooky to see a portrait trying to become someone you had not intended to paint.

Here’s one of my reference photos.

I’ve also collected pix of real life specimens.

I like to ground my vision in physical reality.

Five sets of legs or feet. His rear end (I think) looks sort of dog like with that little red tail looking thing.

We are off to see Toy Story 3 today so I’d better not linger here any longer. Must get those ribbons into my caterpillar. It will be fun to move on to sculpting his many fat little legs.

Dreams and Sound

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Monday night my daughter, Jessica, finally got to see Anton Newcombe’s Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Fillmore in SF. This a sacred passage for her, a teen dream come true, the satisfaction of a longing that spread fog-like over years.

Brian Jonestown Massacre  came into our lives via the blessed Napster, back in the day when Napster was gratis for all. I saw the name on someone’s lineup of tunes and just had to check it out.

Bang! What a beautiful sonic world. Yes you could hear the influences but they were absorbed and transformed into something special — a hypno trance delight. Oh, how well Anton and his boys can generate an ephemeral thread of sound that transports the listener to a warm, meaty, oft-melancholy space.

Jess, Frank and I went together to the big city to see the premiere of  Ondi Timoner’s Dig! That was very cool.

Monday night I was feeling so happy for Jess, knowing that she was realizing a real life dream, and she was not disappointed. She said the show was great. Anton had reteamed for the night (?) with Matt Hollywood and Joel Gion. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

When I was 15 I dreamed of getting up the road from Orange County to LA to see my favorite band. Where Jessica dreamed of San Francisco, I dreamed of Laurel Canyon.

The Buffalo Springfield were among many bands making good music in the mid 60s but they had managed to capture my undivided attention during a Sam Riddle( a Boss Jock on LA radio station KHJ) extravaganza of pop.

It was the first concert I’d ever attended. 1967. I was 14.

My friend Rita Blevins invited me this shindig. We were avid radio listeners, rock fans, suburban teens hungry for life. It would be the first of many shows. I couldn’t get enough.

“You want to go see the Buffalo Springfield?” asked Rita.

“Who?” said I.

“You know. They do that song For What It’s Worth.”

“Oh, okay.”

I had never though about going to a venue to see music. I watched it on TV, listened to the radio but I was intrigued –live music.

 Lots of bands played that night. I don’t remember many. I think a local band with the amazing Bob Gully opened that show but I could be mistaken. I can no longer remember their names. There was a soul act. I’m remembering them as Sam and Dave but wouldn’t I know for sure if it was? They were so good.

There was a band named Gordian Knot whose name I remember only because Sam Riddle introduced them thusly:

“Here’s a band with a name you will never forget, The Gordian Knot!” I have never forgotten. Not because the band was good or memorable just because Riddle cemented the name in my mind with his suggestion that I would always remember. Maybe I should say this to myself about things I don’t want to forget.

Also on stage that night were either Chad and Jeremy or Peter and Gordon. I think Chad and Jeremy but I can’t be certain. Both duos made nice music but nothing mind boggling.

More impressive were the Troggs. They were beefy young men full of footballish energy. Yes, they did seem to me quite like Bill Hicks would peg as soccer hooligans.They weren’t my kind of sexy, I was only 14, but they rocked the hell out of “Wild Thing.” Check them out here at Amandeep Gisa’s blog. Great Pix.

The acts pretty much did one number — their big hit– and then were off. The big summer show had to keep up the excitement.

Once the Buffalo Springfield started playing nothing else mattered. They looked great and the music was hypnotic. I was in the third row had no protection from the Taurus charm of  rhythm guitarist, Richie Furay. Sweet voiced and good-natured, Richie would be my first Taurus obsession. All the band members had charisma and heart. The band made unique and, mor importantly, passionate music. They weren’t playing at being Beatle imitators. They were the real thing.

Of course I noticed Neil Young, too. His leather fringe and intense demeanor could not go unnoticed.

 I bought their first album and played it till it wore out.  Eventually, I bought everything they recorded. I saw them as many times as I could before they broke apart. It was all good.

Live music.

Positive Charge

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I love sitting beneath the huge Pine tree in the yard in my stripey socks on my stripey blanket.

I love feeling the cool early-morning breeze, drinking in the light and the scents of the plants surrounding my spot.

It really adds another dimension to breathing in and out, relaxing, pulling in the good, positive charge and letting it all flow through me.

Pledging to take the time, I want to be there every morning. I just have to make an appointment with myself.

The weather is so mild it’s an invitation to sit and stretch and feel the earth beneath me.

Lotus heart and diamond mind, this is the place for me to unwind, stretch my selves like silver threads as far as can be done.

With the camera, on my way back in, there are things to remember.  Capture their likeness and share.

Bet I’ll be back tomorrow.