Flowers and New Work

The sun came out yesterday and I snapped the tiger lilies.

They return and look fabulous for a few weeks each spring and I always appreciate them for their rich color. Whabam. They have freckles.

I like the bright yellow dandelions, too. I caught a little bug on this one.

The gardener hasn’t been in for a few weeks aso these pretty flowers got to stretch.

No lawnmowing or leaf blowing, nor the very loud and annoying noises that come with the usually weekly shaving of the lawn.

This mornings cloud cover is pleasant. I have post traumatic Redding Summer disorder. Burned and whipped by the devil rays of the crushing heat of the summers from ’93 well into the new decade, I appreciate each cool day past May.

I like the sunlight but the extreme temperatures melt me like the Wicked Witch of the West. Why I remember back in my day we had a spell of triple digit temps that lasted over 30 days. Whine, whine, whine.

It’s been cooller since my dear husband Frank arrived in the North state. I swear it’s true.

Okay. New work. I set out to create my Darcy twins for an ADO challenge for May. I didn’t manage to get to it until the last few days of the month. Still giving Dee and Stevie 3 D form has long been on my to do list. I’ve painted them, sketched them and now I will make them dolls.

I made them tall. I cut a new pattern to make the cloth dolls a little larger.

The Darcy twins are both 6 feet tall. They have red hair.

This is the Canon A 520 with some expensive bubls I bought hoping to get some good light for photos but it’s still alittle yellow. It’s nice light for working but the bulbs get very hot. I had been using the curly light bulbs that one day when it got up in the 80s.

That flourescent  light is really not pleasant for me. I do not like the color distortion as it shines on my materials.

One of the really smart bluejays came calling for peanuts this morning. He looked right into the window and squawked loudly.

It’s been weeks since I did a doll. I put the back of the head on and started the hair before doing the facial features.

Maybe I’ll follow a different route to a good end because of this misstep.


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