Squids a Poppin’

Man, o man, the sweet Red Squids are flying out of the DarcyArts shop over at Etsy! The look of  the Giant Red Catnip Squid has been updated a bit — eyelids — and the squid now comes with a little travel-size back up buddy.

I love stuffing these guys with organically grown catnip fresh from the garden. It drys to a crispy condition in a big paper bag in my laundry room/ shipping station. This enterprise makes me feel like a genuine catnip toy farmer.

I’ve done the same for the Pink Catnip Squid.

A larger version of my roundish whale, Big Pink Whale,  is now in the DarcyArts shop.

Over the weekend I sketched up a new pattern, cut the fleece material and stitched up the critter.

A butterfly buddy and a tiny rhinestone in the eye, with a gentle dusting of glitter, are just the thing for this fantasy whale.

The lids, originally suggested by Frank N. Miller give the whale a calm demeanor and that’s as it should be. Bless the seas.


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