Orange Moths

For the last week or so we have seen a heavy dusting of moths here in our Hidden Hive on Hamilton Street. It seems, and I could be completely wrong, that they hang out in, under or very near the car which we park in the covered side porch adjacent to the house.

They are kind of big, and have a bit of orange to them. This moth was caught in cob webs and is kind of dried out and faded. I’m surprised that a bluejay has not snatched him. Maybe he’s stale.

I’ve seen one or two a day fly out from the outer area of the driver’s side door when I open it. Are they inside or outside? I can’t tell. Sometimes they are in between the door and the inner body of the car.

Today they seem to have made themselves scarce but last week it was like a mini orange plague. Clouds of them would rise up before me as I walked outside. I’m exaggerating a bit but it was a lot of moths and I was occasionally dive-bombed.

I don’t recall seeing anything like this any previous late spring in this house. ‘S up moths?


2 Responses to “Orange Moths”

  1. Cathy Crawley Says:

    If you find out what they are let me know too.

  2. Cathy Crawley Says:

    Joan Green at the Niagara Parks Horticultural Department is very helpful. Send her this picture. let me know what she says.

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