Every Room is Important

The mirror is one of the cheapest one could find. It came along after it’s previous owner could no longer use it.

It’s nice to be able to see a full length view of one’sself sometimes.

Maybe not today. Please disregard these dumpy clothes, my work/photog/gardening casual attire, I’m doing a little bit of everything today.

The mirror frame was made of molded plastic with a sort of pale floral pattern that drove me a bit crazy. This week I painted it and stuck it on the back of the bathroom door. It had been leaning against the bathroom wall looking sickly for months, years, maybe, until  I couldn’t stand it for one more second.

This change necessitated a mini bathroom redo. Every room is important and this one we visit many times in the course of a day.

The fairy lights, strung over star lights that died prematurely,  have been allowed to dangle down one wall like a shimmering waterfall.

It’s a big improvement over the previous sloppy, fake-sky drape. 

Elements here have grown out of the aqua tile.

This tile compelled me to make this Mayan Jaguar painting. I needed to recontextualize the 50s aqua tile/pink sink feel.

Bringing in my beloved Mexican woven piece helped.

A space that has a touch of fantasy can be transporting, like taking a flash vacation.

That pretty much describes my interior design aesthetic. Creating a little fantasy spaces that make me feel a bit like I fell through the rabbit hole.

I like to be surrounded by fun visuals. Big donuts, dolls, lights, color, beautiful things from nature — flowers, sticks, leaves, seashells, starfish, a little rock n roll.


One Response to “Every Room is Important”

  1. You did a great job of taking the bathroom from dull to great!

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